A Full And Comprehensive Windscribe VPN Review

VPN. Those three letters, which stand for virtual private network, have gained quite a bit of popularity as of late. That is because they offer a lot of security in the face of a steadily and rapidly expanding world wide web.

As the internet continues to grow, so do security threats and international restrictions. VPN’s handle both of those in an elegant way. Rather than trying to go around everything, the networks simply enable you to create your own network free of such issues.

There are many popular VPN options out there but, in this guide, we’ll break down Windscribe.

A Full And Comprehensive Windscribe VPN Review

VPNs are secure and private connections that enable users (both individuals and businesses) to send and receive data without compromising their security.

For instance, you can use a VPN to create a secure network within a company to create access directly into private internal systems. In addition, you can also use it to browse in privacy or access content on blocked networks.

The systems keep hackers at bay, and also reduce the chance of anyone getting onto your device (mobile or stationary).

There are roughly 400 VPNs across mobile and desktop devices, and all of them come with their own benefits.

Windscribe is an amazing program because it covers all of your VPN needs, giving you reliability, protection, and function far beyond other options on the market.

Understanding Windscribe VPN

Windscribe, while not the largest network out there, is a Canada-based VPN that gives you access to just about everything you would ever need. Not only does it provide you with anonymity, but it also bypasses many geo-restrictions across most countries (even China).

It offers its users apps for every single major platform in addition to nifty router installation guides. If you do not want to take time with the full installation process, you can also get sell pre-configured routers if you so choose.

It also comes with both pay and free versions (allowing you to sculpt it to your budget). You can also connect multiple devices at one time, saving you money down the line.

Windscribe uses IKEv2 as its default protocol in order to get higher speeds. However, if that does not work it switches to OpenVPN automatically. The VPN also offers IPv6 connectivity as well as AES-256-bit cipher firewalled on the client side.

Various Interesting Add-Ons

Another bonus worth mentioning in this Windscribe VPN review are the many add-ons the program comes with.

You can get an ad-blocker to remove trackers from social media sites, as well as Cruise Control (which picks your best possible location) and the Split Personality Tool to change the user agent of your browser and get around fingerprinting.

It also allows you to create a secure hotspot and proxy gateway if you so wish. While most people will not take advantage of those aspects, they are still great to have access to should you ever need them.

Free And Paid Versions: The Difference

As mentioned, Windscribe VPN comes in multiple versions. You have the standard free version, but you can access a paid version if you so wish.

For many programs, people have to pay if they want quality. The free version comes with a few bare bone features, and that’s about it.

That is not the case with Windscribe VPN.

This VPN has a free version that, while not equipped with all of the features of higher tiers, comes packed with numerous aspects and upgrades. In fact, it is all many people need.

The free version of Windscribe gives you 10GB of data a month in addition to unlimited connections. Though that is not a ton of data, you also have the option to tweet about the product and the company will provide you with more usage.

The only catchup here is that, as Windscribe only has servers in 11 countries, the free version can be a bit too slow for some.

Getting More With Your Money

If you want to branch out, you can go with the pro version. This gets you three different paid package options: monthly, yearly, and biennial.

Paying a small fee enables you to connect to 55 countries, and you can access US Netflix. Of course, speed quality tends to go up as well.

Windscribe Pricing

You have three days to request a refund once you start paying for the pro service. Though that is not a lot of time, you can always try the pro version for a 24-hour period by asking Windscribe’s Garry Chatbot.

This request is a great way around feeling as if you have to pay to get the quality you want and is another example of how Windscribe takes steps to make their users happy.

Keeping Your Data Safe And Secure

There are many aspects to cover in this Windscribe VPN review, and one of the biggest is security.

Keeping your data safe is a big reason to choose a VPN in today’s world. Windscribe knows that, and they do everything they can to ensure you can browse without worry or fear that somebody is taking or accessing your data.

The VPN supports just about every protocol out there, including IKEv2, SOCK5, and OpenVPN. You also get AES-256 cipher encryption for any desktop apps, as well as an AES_128_GCM cipher for the Windscribe browser extension.

Those are small details, but they are all incredibly important. Though not everyone will understand the different programs, just know they work together to create a strong and secure system that nobody will be able to crack.

Beyond that, another reason Windscribe is so good at security is because they do not keep any logs.

This is a key aspect to take note of in this Windscribe VPN review because many shady programs log your data and then sell it later on to the highest bidder.

While Windscribe does keep a few details, such as a month’s worth of bandwidth to monitor free users, they truly allow you to use their system with no catches or fine print.

You can use them as much as you want with the knowledge that your information is truly secure.

Limited Leaks And No Viruses

Continuing with the idea of security, Windscribe comes with no leaks and actively prevents viruses.

Those are two of the biggest risks when using a VPN, and they are something that many people stress about. Being able to use a VPN without constantly checking your connection is an important feature that goes a long way.

It is important to cover this when breaking down a Windscribe VPN review because it shows the reliability the brand is known for.

Get Around Netflix Restrictions

There are many reasons people use an VPN. Some companies want security, some people want to remain hidden, and certain individuals want more peace of mind. However, many users get on them to access data they normally cannot.

Though the world wide web is indeed worldwide, not all sites are. One of the biggest is Netflix USA, which is only available in certain parts of the world.

As this Windscribe VPN review mentions, the program is a great way to get around that issue.

Though the normal free servers do not work with Netflix, all of the payment options do. That may not sit well with everyone, but it also shows there is something worth paying for if you want to go with premium.

The company uses their special “Windflix” servers to enable paying users to get full access to both UK and US Netflix no matter where they are in the world.

This is vitally important to mention in a Windscribe VPN review because it is one of the biggest reasons to choose the program.

Torrent To Your Heart’s Content

Another bonus of Windscribe is how it works alongside torrenting. VPN’s typically help safeguard torrent sessions by creating a tunnel around your internet connection in a way that keeps you safe from unwanted attackers.

Even so, a VPN does little good if it doesn’t enable restriction-free use.

While some have begun to ban or discourage torrenting (a move that will make it so they do not run into conflict with DMCA complaints) most of Windscribe’s servers allow it.

They also have tutorials on the way to configure different torrent clients, including uTorrent, Deluge, qBittorrent, and VUZE.

However, the rules differ based on country and region. Always check such restrictions before using Windscribe VPN and make sure you can locate P2P-friendly servers that are close by.

Multiple Device Support Across Multiple Platforms

Though we’ve covered many excellent aspects in this Windscribe VPN review, one of the most noticeable is the fact that the program comes with a built-in app for about every single platform out there.

Though you get the basics, including Windows, iOS, and Linux, you also get access to browsers like Chrome and Firefox in addition to smart TV apps for Kodi and Amazon.

They also enable you to connect to unlimited devices, showing the different choices and options they allow their users.

However, the great service does not stop there.

Windscribe VPN is also compatible with routers. It does take a few extra steps to make that connection happen, but it is a nifty feature to have access to for people who prefer to set up their VPN in that way.

Gaming consoles can also be connected through those routers as well (but they also take a few extra steps).

A Great, User-Friendly App

Moving forward with the great features covered in this Windscribe VPN review, Windscribe comes with great apps available for iOS, Windows and Android devices.

Not only does the handy program take mere seconds to install, but it also has a sleek, easy-to-use interface that anyone will be able to use right away.

windscribe vpn app

Rather than attempting to slog through confusing screens, anyone with minimal tech background can understand the Windscribe App.

Every single aspect is incredibly smooth, and you will never experience major issues like lags or crashes. This is another bonus that you may not notice, but it goes a long way towards improving your overall experience.

Apps are always a great feature to have access to, especially in today’s world. More technology is never a bad thing (as mentioned earlier in this Windscribe VPN review) and being able to use your VPN from different places is a great bonus.

Amazing Customer Service Options

Of course, all of the above features do not mean much without great customer relations. Every single service, no matter how great or comprehensive, will have issues arise from time to time. How they handle those is vitally important.

It would not be possible to do a full Windscribe VPN review without mentioning their customer service.

In the past, the only way to contact Windscribe was through an antiquated ticketing system that could take days.

They have a come way since that time. Now, not only is thier site equipped with a comprehensive FAQ, but they also have a chatbot named Garry who can answer and respond to most support requests.

If that is not enough (or if you simply do not want to deal with a robot) you can also get in contact with their live chat team.

Though they are not available 24 hours a day or 7 days a week, they will quickly and easily answer or fix any problems you might have.

A Step Above The Competition

As this Windscribe VPN review shows, the program is one of the best out there. Not only does it provide you with ample features, add-ons, and security options, but it gives you various tiers as well.

There are various VPNs, and while many are serviceable, they can also compromise or sell your data. You will never have such issues with Windscribe.

Rather, you get a complete, easy-to-use service that goes above and beyond what other similar programs offer. All it takes is one simple download and you’re in.

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