The VocoPro DVX-668K Multi-Format USB/DVD/CD+G Karaoke Machine

You can get great deals on modern technology these days that blends affordability with multiple formats. The VocoPro DVX-668K exemplifies convenience with a user-friendly interface that combines several machines in one. Best of all, you’ll appreciate its reasonable price tag that makes it a smart choice for any home entertainment system. Rather than having to buy separate machines for movies, DVDs, music, and karaoke, you get them all combined in one neat package. If you’ve already got a quality television and stereo system, you can integrate the VocoPro DVX-668K quite easily to give you a more immersive home entertainment experience. It’s designed for rookies and pros alike, and here are some of the features that make it a solid choice.

Enjoy your DVDs – it’s not hard at all to find a solid DVD machines these days, but this VocoPro selection stands out as a great value. You’ll be able to enjoy all your standard DVDs in addition to DivX movies burned to a disk. This allows you the ability to expand your overall movie collection with a machine that allows you to view all of them. With a solid internet connection, a good DVD burner, and this machine at your side, you can imagine how much value you will get in the long run.

USB connection – want to share some of your favorite digital and audio files? If you have them stored on a USB thumb drive, all you have to do is plug it into the front of this machine. You’ll be able to player files easily with the benefit of enhanced audio and video thanks to your overall entertainment system.

CDs – this machine will handle traditional CDs easily, and it can also play MP3 files burned to a disk. Whether you want to music in the background for a casual gathering, or a booming sound for a rocking party, you’ll be able to play all of your favorite songs with the touch of a button.

CDG Karaoke – along with being able to play all of your DVDs, the second best use of this machine is for the purposes of karaoke. It uses the traditional CDG format, and that means you’ll be able to access a wide array of songs. Once you have this system hooked to your TV and stereo, you can connect up to two microphones for amazing karaoke action. You’ll love the various sound configurations like digital echo that will enhance your singing performance. And with quality sound for musical tracks, you’ll feel like you’re singing in the middle of a concert. Along with a full remote control, you’ll get a user-friendly interface perfect for turning yourself into a karaoke DJ. All you need is a few friends who love singing and you’ll be in for a wild night of music in your own home.

[adsenseyu1]This handy package comes with easy instructions and everything you need to integrate it into your entertainment system. With the ability to play burned DVDs and music, this machine pays for itself pretty quickly. It has a suggested list price of around $200, but you should be able to find online for around half that amount. For the price of taking a family of four out for a night at the movies, you can get yourself a system that will provide endless hours of entertainment for the next few years. VocoPro has definitely come up with another winner with their DVX-668K system that combines numerous practical uses into one perfect package.

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