Is UltraViolet the Answer to a Digital Copy of a Movie?

UltraViolet to the rescue.

Last Tuesday marked history for the movie studios and no one noticed, or did they?  Ok perhaps it’s not history but with the release of The Green Lantern and Horrible Bosses on Blu-Ray we were introduced to a new movie service called “UltraViolet” which is the movie studios answer to offering their movies in a digital format when you purchase a physical DVD or Blu-Ray disc.  By offering a downloadable copy of a movie, the movie studios (Universal, Time Warner, Paramount, Comcast, Sony, and Viacom) are hoping that this solves the need for consumers that want more than just one viewing option when it comes to purchasing a movie for home use.

Convery You Own Movie Library

While DVD and Blu Ray set-top players in the home are still the most convenient way to watch and enjoy a movie, many are migrating to new ways of watching movies on the go.  Thanks to tablet devices like the iPad, Motorola Xoom and the Kindle Fire, to multi-media phones such at the iPhone and Android powered devices, these can now easily play HD quality movies wherever you go.  Because of this many consumers are looking for ways to convert those Blu-Ray discs into a digital format instead of using services like iTunes to purchase a digital copy of the same movie.  There have been numerous software apps released so far that can convert a DVD or Blu-Ray to iPad format and other DVD to mobile formats.  Users are flocking to this type of software because they are easy to use and give the consumers a reliable solution of getting physical disc content into a digital format that works for their devices.


The studios recognized that going digital is going to be a major demand in the future so this is why they came up with the UltraViolet service. In a nutshell UltraViolet is a cloud based service which contains a digital copy of a DVD or Blu-Ray movie that you have purchased which you can access from any tablet, gadget, game console or networked viewing box that you own.

Setting Up UltraViolet

To use the UltraViolet service you will need to create accounts on two websites. First you must have an account with UltraViolet service which will be your hub for your purchases and where you can manage your movie collection.  Secondly you will need an account with Flixster which will allow you to download and stream the movie to the device of your choice.  Then once both accounts are linked together you can start streaming your purchases.  In your UVVU account you can shop for movies that are offered in this format and purchase directly from them.

This is similar to how iTunes works for movies, however with UltraViolet the movies can be accessed by 6 different users on 12 separate devices instead of one user on Apple gadgets.   This is very useful for families or for those that want to share accounts without having to buy a movie multiple times.  Since six can share an account, Dad can make the purchase and watch it at home, while the kids can watch it on their cell phones anywhere they are, and mom can watch it on her iPad while waiting to pick up the kids at school.  Or whatever fits your lifestyle.

So is UltraViolet the answer to viable digital copy of a physical purchase you made?  So far I’m liking the idea and I hope it sticks and evolves over time.

Take a look at the official UltraViolet video how what this service is:

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