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Pivothead sunglasses record video at 1080p

[TOC]I’m going a bit out of the norm today to take a look at some new sunglasses?  Really?  Yes but these are specially built and fit perfectly into the video/DVD/Blu-Ray world.  Read on and discover how you can put what you see in your life onto a DVD or Blu-Ray disc to share and let the whole world experience ‘your world’.

Intro To HD Sunglasses

As the world gears up for the arrival of Google’s Project Glass and other similar AR glasses which promise to move technology and Internet access from the tips of our fingers to the tip of our nose, photographers and film makers will be wondering what the futuristic gadgets can do for them, and most importantly, which model should they go for?

A certain technology developer in Colorado certainly has a good case for claiming that his glasses are the only choice for photographers with an eye for a good picture.

With products such as Project Glass only just beginning to emerge from the concept stage, and with details about photography specifications still unclear, the market is wide open for potential competitors. Already on sale and packing a punch, Chris Cox’s Pivothead sunglasses look like they might just fit the bill.


Available in four unique models each equipped with a subtly placed camera embedded between the lenses, the Pivothead glasses provide a discrete and comfortable advantage which other brands haven’t quite managed to get right.

Record full HD films using your sunglasses

The POV camera can record HD 1080p footage at 30 frames per second as well as capture 8 megapixel photographs. Packed into the glasses is 8GB of memory, allowing the user to record a full hour of stunning HD material at once or fully utilize the 16-shot rapid burst feature the frames incorporate; an action made easier by the built-in optical image stabilization for day and night photography. These are numbers that only the very best smartphones on the market can currently match.

 Flexible HD Recording

When we say flexible, we’re not just talking about the material of the frames. What’s fantastic about these glasses is that they provide the option of anti glare, polarized or prescription lenses – and that makes them a cut above the competition right now.

With a price tag of $349 you can feasibly see sports enthusiasts ditching their current glasses and paying a little extra for the option to capture their most adrenaline-pumping moments as they happen. Pivothead seems to have built upon the best of current designs and it really doesn’t feel like anything has been lost because of the camera feature.

The possibilities are endless

Chris Cox has envisioned that there will be many different uses for his sunglasses; be it during work, rest or play. With uses ranging from recording meetings or keynote speakers at the office, personal CCTV, law enforcement and sports, or simply when having a casual stroll around a new city, the Pivothead sunglasses have a plethora of potential customers.

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  • Jorge Roble Lamot says:

    Is very exciting and geniune the option to record high definition video on the way and much more hands free. Myself i dont use glasses, i mean i hardly use them. but the idea is very very exiciting!!

  • Scott says:

    Just like the it is stated ” The Possibilities are Endless “. Real-estate – making a video of the property for sale. How to video’s — auto repair — step by step how to do a brake job on your vehicle or how to change out / add a hard drive on your computer. What about your vacation or that first sky diving experience. Hands free home video’s of your baby’s first steps and first birthday. No more having to lug around that camera ( having to put it down and pick it up ). I can see so much potential for this device. With that said — I want one.

  • Kim Miller says:

    would be a good way to capture all things you want to capture without having to grab for a camera i’d use it 🙂

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