Infographic: The Legalities of The Cloud

In response to the seemingly constant changes and additions to internet technology everyday, software developers have come up with a new data storage solution that has caused many people to become extremely excited, but has also gotten equally as many people doubtful and intimidated. This new solution is called the cloud, which is a way by which internet users can store and access data from virtually anywhere in the world. The efficiency and convenience this offers to many internet users is what gets most people anxious to get started with cloud computing, however it’s newness and enterprise capabilities are what causes critics’ concern: Will it truly keep data safe? Can I rely on cloud storage completely, or will I still need an alternative storage system? Is it legal? This infographic, “The Legalities of The Cloud”, explores the legal, economic, and security concerns the accompany the new technology of cloud computing, and how it is relevant around the world.


This infographic was produced by Click Software, a provider of Mobile Workforce Management Solutions, including Cloud Workforce Management Software and Solutions, for businesses of all sizes.

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