Infographic: Digital Piracy Vs The Music Industry

Here is a look at the music industry and what digital piracy is doing to it via infographic style.  Whether you are part of the problem or not the numbers don’t lie.  This is just a quick look at where the music industry is now in the age of digital music.  Thanks iTunes.

As the world of technology continues to develop, other industries are struggling to match the level of innovation.  This is adversely affecting their ability to remain profitable, and while the entertainment industry is by no means a poor one, these statistics reveal the changing tides and a foreboding future for music and movies makers.  Marketing tactics may need to change, as the Entertainment industry tries to adapt to the digital tides, and the the most aptly suited to take on this challenge may be an online marketing company.  So online marketers aren’t there, keep in mind, your job may might just get a little more “entertaining.”

We are passionate about the impact of digital music piracy on the already struggling musicians.  Hopefully with this infographic, you can now make an educated decision on where you stand in the struggle between the entertainment industry and growing number of music pirates.

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Zak Burns

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  • TheDread says:

    the theory behind those pictures is a fable…and it relies on the industry claming that each illegally downloaded copy is a lost sale, that, honestly, is utter bullshit, and a lot of software developers and indie labels can confirm you that, just in case…the industry is losing sales for several reasons, between that total lack of logic in pricing, exploiting tons of pointless reeditions to past products adding pointless content most of the times, and most of all: forget people using to buy music as in the 80s, be that payin or not..more and more people are in habit to pay very small money amounts if EVER…those greedy dinosaur leading the music industry most established entities are blinded by their voracity and claim laughable theories that have power only because of the corruption they feed through lobbies in most countries governments..

  • NB says:

    Numbers don’t lie. People arranging numbers do.
    Sorry, this is all bullshit until this pretty lie includes real breakdown of stuff. Including, but not limited to:

    * How many people DL music they own instead of ripping it from CDs?
    * How many people would have actually (with even a 0.00001% probability) bought the stuff they DL?

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