How To Get The Best Acoustics From Your Home Theater

acoustics in home theaterYou may love how your home theater looks, but do you love how it sounds? Getting the acoustics right when it comes to your home theater can be tricky. Basically, you have to stop the sounds from bouncing all over the room. Without the right acoustics, sounds will echo against your room’s panels and edges. In order to correct this, you have to “soften” the makeup of the room. This means that you have to get rid of any sharp or hard edges, if possible. Then, you’ll be able to manage your home theater’s sound.

Sound Insulation

Your first step is to have sound insulation installed. This means that outside noise won’t get into the room, which will make it easier to control the sound that is in the room. Every part of your room should be insulated, including the walls, floors and ceiling. A special insulator that’s designed for sound and noise should be used.

Make sure to insulate the doors, too. Otherwise, you’ll have a sound “dead zone” in the room and the rest of your insulation won’t make a difference. The best way to insulate the doors is to invest in soundproof doors. This is more effective than using an insulator on top of regular doors.

The best part about soundproofing your home theater is that not only will sound insulation keep outside noises out, but they’ll also keep inside noises in. This means that people in the other rooms of your house won’t be bothered by your booming movie or music. You can party while everyone else is relaxing!

Speaker Placement

Where you place the speakers and sub woofers in your home theater has a lot to do with the theater’s acoustics. Sub woofers should go up against either the front or back wall of the theater. Make sure to never put sub woofers in a corner, because this will make it difficult to control the sound. If you have surround or mid-range speakers, put them overhead, as high as you can, on both sides of the theater. This will create the type of surround sound that you hear in the actual movie theater.

speaker placement in home theater

Acoustic Panels

Do you want to increase the quality of sound in your home theater even more than we already have? Have acoustic panels installed on the walls of the theater. The panels will absorb sound instead of letting it bounce around the room. In order for this to work effectively, you should have only soft furniture in the room. This type of furniture makes it even easier to absorb sound.

When it comes to acoustic panels, there are two options:

  1. Absorption Acoustic Panels
  2. Diffusion Acoustic Panels

Both types of acoustic panels help to control sound, but they do so in different ways. A regular-sized home theater will definitely need absorption acoustic panels. If you have a large room, you’ll want both absorption and diffusion acoustic panels. Acoustic panels are typically made from fiberglass that’s been covered with fabric. You can also have custom acoustic panels that are printed with any image or text that you like. Some people choose to make their own acoustic panels using fiberglass duct board and speaker cloth.


Wall and Floor Options

The type of walls and floor that you have in your home theater play a large role in the acoustics of the room, too. Some people opt for light drapes over the walls, especially if the walls are particularly hard. Extremely hard walls don’t help with the acoustics of a home theater. Instead of hardwood or tiled flooring, you’ll want carpeted floors. Here is a recommended source to use if you are looking for a home theater design company.

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Or watch this video from CinemaShop on getting the best acoustics from your home theater:

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  • Francis Kuhn says:

    Excellent Article.. Makes total sense. I’ve been trying to explain this essential concept to family and friend for a long time… no avail. In other words…. The best Amplifier in the world, when mismatched to sub standard sub grade Speakers and / or poor Acoustics …is a total waste of time.
    To expand on this:… The idea to recreate exactly what an Artist produced be it Audio /Video or both.

  • Jeff Stanley says:

    What is the best placement for a subwoofer? I see the article states that the corner of the room is a no-no. What are the best options for placement?

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