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free music downloadsMusic websites continue to be created to share a heap of information with people around the world. When you are looking for music websites online though, you want them to include two important features: you want them to be free and you most definitely want them to be legal to use. And when it comes to music, you might expect different sites to allow you to accomplish different things, like downloading music, streaming music, obtaining lyrics or catching up on all of the latest music news.

Not all music websites are created equal, though – either they’re poorly organized, don’t offer anything new, or they are extremely generic. We put together this list of great music websites to avoid those problems. You can count on this list to point you in the right direction.

The Best Websites for Downloading Music

When you want music on your own computer or cloud to create playlists and such, you can do so by checking out the following websites.

BearShare – Similar to the old school downloading sites, this site allows you to access over 20 million songs and music videos around the globe. The site has not been around very long, but it is free and legal. It simply requires you to download a player to your computer.

Downplayer – This site features downloads of a variety of songs including garage bands and top bands from around the globe. The site is also updated daily with 10 new MP3s so that you always have access to new material.

Grooveshark – This site has been around for a few years now and makes it possible to download as well as stream music from virtually anywhere. There are many genres available and there is also a social media feature where people can share music that they enjoy.

MySpoonful – MySpoonful is a music site started in San Francisco and can be accessed from a computer or a mobile device. Independent music is the focus of this site and all of it is free and legal. The site also features an email newsletter for subscribers.

RCRD LBL – This site is similar to 120 Minutes on MTV, featuring all of the latest music as well as free downloads from marquee and emerging artists. Music can also be delivered via social media, mobile apps as well as various personalized emails, including RCRD Selections and RCRD of the Day.

The Best Websites for Streaming Music

There are times when you want to be able to stream music – such as at your desk at work or when you’re driving down the road. As long as you have an internet connection, you always have access to the kind of music that you want to hear. These websites provide you with an array of music options. – This site allows you to search for playlists created by others based upon keywords, such as “techno”, “workout”, “romantic” and more. Songs are in many languages as users share playlists from around the world.

Spotify – My personal favorite. On the PC or Mac you can pretty much play anything you want when you want as long as they have it in the library which includes quite a bit. Or just pick a band or song and stream ‘radio’ which picks tracks similar to what you picked.

Free Music Archive – Music can be streamed off of this site that covers many genres including indie, rock, reggae and also live recordings.

mFlow – This site is abbreviated for music flow where streaming and sharing is made possible. There is a bonus feature of being able to download 10 free tracks.

Pandora – Streaming music is possible with Pandora and the radio station will continue to evolve and find the songs that meet your tastes. You can enter a genre or an artist for it to begin. It’s free as long as you don’t mind hearing a few random commercials during your streaming.

Radio Tuna – Based in the UK, this site provides you with internet radio from all over the world. You have the ability to search for available stations and determine which ones play the kinds of music you want to listen to.

The Best Websites for Music Lyrics

You want to be able to know what the music lyrics are. Once upon a time, you purchased a CD that featured a copy of the lyrics. Now that you have online music, you depend on lyrics to be printed online as well. – This is a comprehensive database of music lyrics. The site has been around for many years and has song lyrics from many genres. The lyrics are regularly updated to contain new releases. – A growing universe of song lyrics is available on this website. There is a large list to include all genres. There is also a Lyrics Request Section for when you cannot find lyrics as well as Submit Lyrics section where you can submit lyrics to a song that is not currently on the site. A bonus is that the site features thousands of music videos to watch as well.

The Best Websites for Music News

When you simply want to know about the latest and greatest happenings in the music world, there are a few great websites that you can visit and they are absolutely free.

Artist Direct – This site is part of the Rogue Network and features interviews from bands, upcoming tour information and other news. There are also music and music videos featured on the site, providing a significant amount of entertainment. – This is the website based off of the magazine that got its start in 1967. Some of the website features include the ability to search artists, music reviews, latest news as well as best-ever lists.

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