Best Free DVD Player Software for Windows or Mac

Drawbacks of using a Free DVD Player

Having free software is great but what happens when it stops working or if you need support?  Well in the case of VLC they have a ‘Common Problems’ wiki page that you can browse around and look for a solution.  There is also a support forum run by volunteers which is a good resource to use if you get stuck.  But don’t count on direct one on one support that you would expect to receive if you paid for it.  But for the most part you can get solid and reliable answers in their forum.

You may also run into some playback issues with certain video or audio files. This would be due to incompatible video/audio cards or corrupted drivers, or even missing codecs.  Here you would need to head over to the forum and see if anyone else has had this issue and if there is a solution for it already. If not, post your problem and wait for someone to help with it.

Upgrading from Free to Paid DVD Player Software

While VLC is free and always will be they do accept donations to support their cause.  So if you find yourself constantly using their software I would recommend to donate a few bucks to keep the development going with it.  But where should you turn if you want a full blown DVD Player Suite?  A few top choices are PowerDVD (which is the best DVD Player with additional features), Roxio Creator which in addition to DVD playback, you can also create and burn DVD video.

But since I’m hyping up the free portion of this type of software I think you should download VLC Media Player and try it for yourself.

If you are already using VLC let us know what you think in the comments section below.  Or if you have any other recommendations for free DVD playback please let us know too.


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  • Roger Farnham says:

    I have used VLC for some time and like enough that I have donated to the site. Works for everything I need it for.

  • stan says:

    Just a quick note. I’ve been recommending this software to my customers for a long time.
    In fact I sell a lot of off lease/refurbished equipment and this is the go to product when I’m loading the systems (along with another free product we may have heard of called Open Office).
    Best of all…it works without any dependancies (think codecs).

  • Owen Fouts says:

    I agree 100% That VLC is currently the best free DVD player software, its simple, very quick, and does more than most will ever do, Oh did I mention its FREE.

  • Guido says:

    Have also been recomending this software for years. Very simple and complete. It even works with my network TV box. You have reminded me, just how good this software is, and I am sending another donation!

  • Galaxyclass says:

    A friend started having problems with what he was using. I recommended this one and he’s been happy ever since. I had installed additional codec on my machine and I’m able to play everything (non Blu Ray) I’ve tried so far though Windows media. If that changes I’ll go with VLC too.

  • keith harris says:

    I totally agree that VLC is the most versatile and best free video player out there. In my opinion it is better than most commercial players. I use VLC about 95% of the time.

  • Colin says:

    I don’t know when this article was published.
    But Windows Media Player Version 12.0.7601.17514
    plays all my dvd’s.
    Never had a problem decoding dvd’s.
    Also running Windows 7 Ultimate.

  • Paul Toschi, New Zealand says:

    VLC doesn’t play downloaded .flv files (Flash Video). As far as I know, you need RealPlayer which takes forever to load. Get Koyote’s Video Converter – cheap enough – and convert to avi, wmv or just about anything else and play on Windows Media Player.

  • Jean Gagnon says:

    Un logiciel facile à utiliser pour convertir les dvd et un excellent lecteur DVD!

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