Best DVD Burner: Top 10 List For Potential Customers

DVD Burners are pieces of software that allow users to copy information onto a DVD disk.

Yet, not all DVD burners are created equally. Some burners offer support for additional disc formats in addition to being more efficient than their inferior counterparts.

In this article, we compiled a list of the top 10 DVD burners currently available. Within each section, we discuss the DVD burner we selected and explain why it’s one of the best. Towards the end of the article, we offer a buyer’s guide for potential customers as well as our thoughts on the future of file storage more generally.

Comparison Table

Product Name




AnyBurn – Best DVD Burner


CDBurner XP – Best DVD Burner

​CDBurner XP

BurnAware – Best DVD Burner


Express Burn – Best DVD Burner

Express Burn Disc Burning Software

DVDStyler – Best DVD Burner


WinX DVD Author – Best DVD Burner

WinX DVD Author

ImgBurn – Best DVD Burner


LG GH24NSCOB – Best DVD Burner

LG Internal 24x Super Multi with M-DISC Support DVD Burner (GH24NSC0B)...

Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 – Best DVD Burner

Ashampoo Burning Studio 19

DeepBurner – Best DVD Burner


How We Chose Our Ratings

​When selecting the 10 DVD burners you see below, we analyzed a combination of affordability, durability, reliability, features, and customer service. We especially valued customer service, as any product we researched that received a significant number of negative reviews was disregarded from this list.

While the products we selected represent the cream of the crop, there are some relative differences that we have highlighted using a 5-star rating system.

AnyBurn – Best DVD Burner


​AnyBurn can be downloaded for free online.

This application allows users to burn images, files, and folders to a DVD, CD or Blu-Ray disc.

Many customers laud this application for being so easy to master. This is an important distinction, as some DVD burners are effective but quite difficult to master, requiring that the user spend hours experimenting with the interface and learning the various controls. This can be counterintuitive, as part of the purpose of a DVD burner is to make your life easier, not add more tasks for you to complete.

Many beginner users use the AnyBurn application, as these users need a guide that will walk them through how to burn information onto an external disc.

We give this product 4 stars out of 5.

​CDBurner XP – Best DVD Burner

​CDBurner XP

​CDBurner XP offers a free application that allows you to burn CD’s and DVD’s, including both HD-DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s.

This dynamic range of disc options is a significant factor that is worth noting. It’s rare to find a DVD burner that offers support for HD-DVD’s, as this is a discontinued disc format that essentially lost the DVD successor battle to Blu-rays.

Some customers still want to burn HD-DVD’s despite their antiquated nature. This is because some customers have old HD-DVD’s that they want to convert to some newer format like a Blu-ray disc. Fortunately, these customers can benefit from CDBurner XP’s free product.

This application is significant for also allowing users to burn and create ISO files and multilanguage interfaces. This feature will appeal to programmers who often want to send large amounts of code to other people. Sometimes the best way to do this is to use an ISO file, as all of a program’s files can be cleanly contained within a single ISO file.

We give this product 4 stars out of 5.

​BurnAware – Best DVD Burner


BurnAware is a DVD burner that can be downloaded for free online.

Many users laud this product for its usability, as the interface is very clean and uncluttered. This is always a positive thing, as a cluttered interface full of distractions can be dissatisfying when you’re trying to execute a burn job.

If you use this software and decide you want to expand its features, you can always purchase a Premium or Professional Plan for a one-time fee of $$ or $$, respectively.

Many customers also laud BurnAware for their customer support. This is a significant distinction when it comes to DVD burners, as many companies stay disconnected from the customer throughout the products period of ownership. This can be problematic if the customer encounters problems with the product, as there are not many places customers can turn to for real time help with DVD burners.

We give this product 4.5 stars out of 5.

​Express Burn – Best DVD Burner

Express Burn Disc Burning Software

Express Burn is a DVD burner that can be downloaded for either Windows-based computers or Mac computers. This is significant, as many DVD burners only work on Windows 10 operating systems. Express Burn offers a refreshing change of pace, making their products very accessible.

Unlike some of the other selections on this list, Express Burn’s free download offers very limited features, namely the sole ability to burn CD’s. If customers want to expand these options, they have to purchase a lifetime license. These range in price from $$ to $$.

We give this product 3.5 stars out of 5, as we wish their free download option was much more comprehensive. Some customers are on a very strict budget and can’t afford to spend any money on a DVD burner. These customers would be in a double bind when viewing the download options from Express Burn, as no matter what options they choose, an undesirable situation would occur.

Still, Express Burn’s application is extremely effective and easy to use, which is why they earned a spot on this list.

​DVDStyler – Best DVD Burner


​Despite the congested nature of DVDStyler’s website, this product is actually quite effective when it comes to DVD burning. However, you wouldn’t know that judging by the disorganized nature of the company’s website.

This is a significant distinction, as the organization of a company’s website not only helps customers learn about the company’s product but also reflects the ideals of the company. Since DVD burning is so predicated on clean transfers and minimal disruptions, it’s not a telling sign that DVDStyler’s website is all over the place.

Still, based on considerable customer reviews that we read, DVDStyler is one of the most efficient applications as well as one of the most user-friendly. If only they would apply that truth to their website design.

We give this product 4 stars out of 5.

​WinX DVD Author – Best DVD Burner

WinX DVD Author

​What’s great about WinX DVD Author is that it was specifically designed for creating video DVD’s.

WinX DVD Author does offer some support for burning information onto other kinds of formats, though its main specialty is DVD burning. If that’s all you want to do, then you’re in luck, as WinX DVD Author is perennially considered one of the most trusted DVD burners on the web.

One of the most significant features of this product is the accompanying tutorial video that can be watched on YouTube. This video will appeal to users who learn better through visuals rather than reading instructions. Sometimes reading instructions can complicate the usage of an application whereas watching someone successfully use the product can be helpful.

We give this product 5 stars out of 5.

​ImgBurn – Best DVD Burner


ImgBurn is one of the easiest applications to use due to its 5 distinct modes. Specifically, there is a Read, Build, Write, Verify, and Discovery Mode. While many DVD burners offer similar modes as Read, Build, Write and Verify, very few DVD burners offer support for what ImgBurn calls Discovery mode.

Discovery mode allows you to put whatever media you just created to the test. ImgBurn collaborates with DVDInfoPro in order to provide an accurate analysis. This is significant, as it means that ImgBurn is not only interested in helping you create a disc but making sure the result is high-quality and meets your desires.

We give this product 5 stars out of 5, as the cherry on top is the fact that this application is offered as a free download.

LG Internal 24x Super Multi with M-DISC Support DVD Burner (GH24NSC0B)…

  • Half-height Internal Super Multi Drive, Max. 24X DVD-R Write Speed
  • CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW/RAM/ +R/RW +/-R DL M-DISC/+M SL read and write compatible, CD Family and DVD-ROM read compatible.
  • SATA interface

This LG burner can be purchased on Amazon for $$.

This product represents an anomaly on this list, as this is the only physical device that can be purchased.

This is an old-fashioned DVD burner that offers a compartment for inputting a disc. This would be ideal for customers who don’t have the correct compartment on their PC to do this.

Customers laud this product for connecting to your PC so quickly and offering such a seamless process of burning DVD’s. More than anything, this product is quite affordable. Obviously, it still pales in comparison to the free downloads offered by many companies. Yet, if you’re in the market for a DVD drive, this is one of the most affordable.

In the same vein, many customers have noted that the free Nero 12 burning software that comes with this product is only the trial version. If you want to extend what features you can access, then you will have to purchase a license for the Nero 12 burning software.

We give this product 4 stars out of 5. We subtracted a star because we think LG could be more up front about this product only coming with a trial version of its software. This could significant impact customer’s purchasing decisions, thus making this ambiguity slightly dishonest.

​Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 – Best DVD Burner

Ashampoo Burning Studio 19

​Beyond sounding like the name of a hair salon, Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 is unique for offering multi-disc file backup, an integrated audio CD ripper, and support for the relatively new Blu-ray format. These updates keep Ashampoo’s product at the cutting-edge.

Of course, the fact that this application is available as a free download only makes it even more desirable.

Many customers claim that the newest Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 updates retain the simplicity of previous versions while also making the interface much more intuitive to use. This makes it ideal for beginner users who have never burned a DVD before, as these users might need more guidance when it comes to executing various actions.

We give this product 4.5 stars out of 5.

​DeepBurner – Best DVD Burner


DeepBurner offers users a free download, though its Pro program is by far the most desirable option.

The free version of this application allows you to burn data CD’s, data DVD’s, audio CD’s, and bootable discs. Users can also manipulate ISO files on this free version.

DeepBurner’s Pro program, on the other hand, allows you to burn video DVD’s for a one-time fee of $$ for personal usage and $$ for business usage. If you are specifically interested in burning a video DVD, then this Pro plan is a must-have, as you will be limited to data DVD’s if you opt for the free version.

Luckily, with the purchase of this Pro plan, customers get free upgrades for 2 years.

We give this product 3.5 stars out of 5.

​Buyer’s Guide – Best DVD Burner

​After scavenging the market for DVD burners, we have a pretty good sense of which products customers will be most attracted to.

Although most of the products on this list have user-friendly interfaces, we think the WinX DVD burner is especially user-friendly due to its comprehensive video tutorial that guides users through the execution of basic commands.

Some customers might look down upon the fact that the tutorial video features a voice-over from someone who does not speak English natively. Yet, if the accent can be tolerated, this element of the tutorial is actually quite hilarious and entertaining. Also, the tutorial video is so well-produced that the voice-over is ultimately unnecessary for guiding users.

If users are looking for a physical DVD drive that allows them to insert a disc, then we think LG’s GH24NSCOB model is one of the most affordable and effective. This is the only physical disc drive we included on this list, as we think online software is much more popular.

Ultimately, we think DVD burners are becoming obsolete by the day. While there are some straggling users who haven’t given up this technology, many customers have simply moved on to more efficient means of storing information.

Most modern users store information in the cloud and access this information over the internet rather than storing and accessing information on a physical disc.

In the future, we think advancements in technology will allow users to open files in a totally radical way. Instead of simply viewing the contents of the file on a screen, user’s will be able to project the contents of a file onto the back of their eyelids, leading to a more intimate experience.

While this future might seem far off, we think it’s just around the corner.

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