What Is Unsecapp And Will It Hurt My Computer?

Many people that use the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) on one of their computers are very diligent when it comes to security.

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These users like to constantly know what programs are running on their computer at all times, as this allows them to respond quickly if a malicious program is suddenly discovered.

In this article, we discuss one program that can arouse fear in some of these diligent users. This is called the Unsecapp program, and we discuss it in greater depth in this article, emphasizing its ultimately beneficent nature.

After answering some questions related to its maintenance, we offer our final thoughts on the future of computer viruses.

What Is Unsecapp And Where Is It Found?


Unsecapp is short for the unsecapp.exe program that occasionally runs in the background when you use a computer with the Windows OS.

Users can check all the programs that are running at any given time by pulling up the Task Manager.

A shortcut for pulling up the Task Manager is to press the control, shift, and escape buttons at the same time. This command automatically brings up a window with information related to the programs your machine is running. This information is separated into tabs. Clicking on the “Processing” tab, for example, yields the programs name, the amount of memory it’s using, and its command line.

Within this task manager, users can right-click on a file name in order to find out its location. This will help you determine if the file you are considering is genuine or malicious.

The genuine unsecapp.exe is actually a necessary program that helps your Windows OS communicate with remote servers within Microsoft’s network. This program is part of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), a software infrastructure designed by Microsoft to keep your machine running smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Unsecapp stands for Universal Sink to Receive Callbacks from Applications.

How Can I Verify That Unsecapp Isn’t Malicious?

Many hackers actually take advantage of the file names used by the Windows OS. Thus, some malware or viruses will be masked under the name of unsecapp.exe, making you think the program is harmless when in reality it could negatively impact your computer if ignored.

One of the easiest ways to check if this is the case is to determine the location of the file you are considering.

As described above, this can be done by pulling up the Windows Task Manager and right-clicking the file. An option for viewing the location should then be available.

The correct location for the unsecap.exe file is C:WindowsSystem32wbemunsecapp.exe. If any other location is listed, then the file could be malicious. You will have to do some additional probing.

If you do discover multiple files with the unsecapp.exe name and some of these files seem sketchy to you, the best approach is to run a comprehensive security scan. This should identify any malicious software on your computer as well as give you the option of removing it.

Bitdefender is a popular security software that can be downloaded for free. Some users like to purchase security software so that they can be assured that every corner of their computer has been searched and analyzed accurately. These purchased plans offer additional support and often perform more thorough scans of your system. Bitdefender offers paid plans, as does a company like Symantec.

After running these scans and removing any malware or viruses, your computer should be functioning as smoothly and efficiently.

What Are The Benefits Of Unsecapp?

The unsecapp.exe program actually helps with communication between the programs you run on your computer and remote Microsoft servers. In particular, Unsecapp acts as a conduit by cycling information between servers.

If you run the Windows Vista OS on your computer, the unsecapp.exe file will likely run automatically when you start your computer. If you have any other Windows OS, this program will run only when it’s needed, allowing your computer to efficiently allocate its resources.

Sometimes the program will run after you download a certain kind of software. For example, some users have reported that the unsecapp.exe program started running after they downloaded the Steam gaming software.

Essentially, any application that needs to communicate with an external server will likely draw upon this important tool in the WMI subsystem.

Since this program is considered a system process, it cannot be removed from your computer.

The only way to remove it would be to uninstall your operating system. In this sense, it’s a critical program that your operating system relies on in order to successfully function.

An Analogy To The Human Body

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Your computer is a powerhouse that can execute most any command within nanoseconds. This luxury that you receive as a user is a function of many internal moving parts that have been designed to work seamlessly together.

Your computer consists of many parts – both hardware and software – that must collaborate at all times in order to provide the most enjoyable experience for the user.

A good analogy of the critical nature of every system process on an operating system is human anatomy. Ultimately, isolating any single process within our body might make it seem sketchy or unimportant. Yet, every single cell in our bodies is relied on in order to support the continuation of the system. The system would be compromised in some way if any of these parts were removed.

The same goes with the unsecapp.exe program. You might not understand exactly how its supporting your desires, but ultimately its interconnected with every other system process on your computer.

What Are Some Tips For Using Unsecapp?

We recommend having the Window Task Manager open in the background at all times. This will help you monitor all the processes that are running at any given time as well as the location of these processes.

Some users don’t like the interface of the default Windows Task Manager that comes installed on Windows OS’s.

Security Task Manager is a popular alternative that offers more information concerning the processes running on your computer.

Even though most unsecapp.exe programs are genuine, we recommend erring on the side of caution when probing the nature of some unknown program. Thus, even if you’re confident that some file is harmless, it might be beneficial to run a security scan just in case.

Many of these scans don’t take longer than 15 minutes and can be run in the background while you use your computer for other reasons.

In the same vein, we also recommend not allowing fear to consume you.

An updated Windows OS will prevent most malware from disguising itself as a critical system process. More often than not, your fear over the security of your system will be unwarranted.

In fact, sometimes this fear can be counterintuitive and actually compromise your system. This is because many viruses also disguise themselves as security software intended to help purify your machine. Thus, some users act on their fear and google “how to get rid of unsecapp.exe”, downloading the first program that they find.

In this sense, we recommend downloading a secure security program preemptively before any suspicious programs appear on your Task Manager. If you try to download a security program only after a file has been deemed suspicious, you might take the bait and walk right into a hacker’s trap. 

Hackers are witty in this regard. They design their programs to take advantage of the desperation, fear, and uncertainty that some users experience. 

Thus, if you think your computer has been compromised in any way by a malicious file, then we recommend taking 5 minutes and meditating before making any important decisions. This will help calm you down and prevent you from seeking the first quick-fix solution that presents itself.

Our Final Thoughts On Unsecapp

At the end of the day, it’s highly unlikely that Unsecapp will hurt your computer. In fact, your paranoia regarding its influence could lead to you actually downloading a malicious program.

This doesn’t mean you should assume that every unknown program is beneficent. Instead, just rely on a security scan by Bitdefender or Symantec to make these distinctions for you.

We think that computer viruses will actually be defeated once and for all in the near future.

While these malicious programs might not be abolished, we predict that future security tools will become so advanced that any virus will be practically ineffective.

On a deeper level, we think the silver lining to computer viruses is that they engender an analysis of our relationship to technology.

Sometimes, it takes a compromised computer for us to realize how much we relied on our computer in the first place. This could lead to increased appreciation for our belongings or an intentional distancing from our belongings.

Or, some users engage in a bit of both.

It’s perfectly fine to acknowledge the benefits that your technology provides while also taking some time off from it. Acquiring a virus or merely probing a mysterious file on your computer could lead into a new relationship with your technology that is health-promoting and balancing.

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