Trackr Review: Is This Tracking Device Something You’ll Really Need?

TrackR Review: Will This App Keep Me In Line?


Have a problem holding onto your keys?

Unofficial statistics estimate that the average person misplaces their keys, smartphone, or wallet about 73 times a day – and much more on weekends.

Hyperbole aside, there is no doubt that it is an annoyance we must all deal with at some time or another. Time spent trying to find our valuables again is not only a veritable waste but quite often a frustrating or stressful experience we could do without.

If only there was a clever little device that you could use to quickly locate missing items.

Oh wait, there is! There are lots in fact!

In this article, we’re going to tell you all about one of the most popular – TrackR. So read on through this TrackR review to find the benefits of having this little gadget in your life.

But this isn’t a sugar-coated review, as we also will reveal some flaws in this product, giving you both sides of the coin so you can make the big decision:

Is TrackR something you really need?

What Is TrackR?

phone and keys

TrackR is, well, a tracking device.

To explain a little further, it is a small Bluetooth device that you can attach to a keychain or keep in your wallet. Using Bluetooth, it is paired with a companion app on your smartphone.

There are a few different versions of TrackR, including:

  • TrackR Bravo, which resembles a quarter with a loophole and a solitary button that you can use to buzz your phone.

  • TrackR Pixel is a smaller option, available in nine different colors, all of which can attach to your keyring, backpack or purse.

  • TrackR Wallet is designed for standard wallets, with a similar size to your credit cards, but a little bit thicker.

  • TrackR Wallet 2.0 is a more streamlined version of its predecessor.

​Once you have connected your TrackR device with your smartphone, you’ll be able to use the app to ring the device, providing it is within range. The app also shows you the last known position of your tracked item.

Tapping the speaker icon within the app will make the TrackR device emit a ringtone, which is loud enough to be heard from under a couch, or from inside the jacket pocket of that shady guy at the house party.

But what happens if you’ve lost your phone? How can you track it then?

Well, if you have your keys, then it’s pretty easy to find your phone. You simply press the button on the TrackR device, and then your phone will ring.

You’ll most likely feel it vibrate too, helping you realizing that it’s been in your pocket this whole time. At that point, you’ll have to let go of the shady guy and apologize for punching him in the face.

Okay, so how about if you’ve lost the keys, and you’re out of range of the device?

Well, no doubt you’ll recall I mentioned a map location earlier unless you’ve got a goldfish memory. (A distinct possibility considering you keep losing things.)

Anyhow, I digress.

You can use the Trackr to check out the GPS location of the device. Providing it’s stationary, like at the side of the river that you vaguely remember falling into on the way home from the party, then you shouldn’t have much trouble finding it again.

But the TrackR review doesn’t only rely on Bluetooth and GPS, it also has a service to help find your items even when you’re far away.

This service, Crowd Locate Network, enables you to get help from other people with the TrackR app. They can help by sending you updated maps from their devices.

So, if you’re wallet happens to go for a walk when you’re not paying attention, you’ll get an updated location whenever it is close to someone else with TrackR installed.

Pretty cool, right?

Key Features Of The Best TrackR Devices


​While this TrackR review is giving you a good overview of the whole premise, we’d like to take a moment to focus on the TrackR Bravo and Pixel in particular. These are the most popular products in the range, and with their size and shape similar to that of a coin, it’s certainly easy to see the appeal.

Nobody wants to lug a cumbersome device around, so it’s a convenient, lightweight device that won’t trouble you at all.

While you can opt for the smaller Pixel, the Bravo has a better range, and its ringtone is still loud enough to help you find your missing wallet in the long grass.

If you’re hard of hearing, the Pixel has a slightly louder decibel level. Better yet, it also has a little circle of LED lights, which makes it easier to find if you’re trying to retrieve an item under cover of darkness.

​TrackR Performance


​As time passes, TrackR reviews the Bravo design and programming, releasing updates and new iterations of its flagship device. Recent improvements to the antenna now give the device a range of almost 20 meters (70 feet).

However, if you look at more than the top TrackR review on Amazon, you’ll find some complaints about inconsistent performance, ultimately bringing the overall rating down to just 2.7 stars from 500 reviews.

A common issue is that when the device goes beyond the maximum range, it has a tough time getting the connection back, even when you are close to it again.

It’s been said that sometimes you might not be able to re-establish the connection until you’re practically standing on the device, or even when you trip over a ghostly-looking shady guy who happens to be holding your wallet.

TrackR pixel – Bluetooth Tracking Device. Item Tracker. Phone Finder….

  • Always losing things? TrackR is here to help! So small and lightweight, you can attach it to anything
  • Can’t find your phone? Press the clear button on your TrackR to make your phone ring, even on silent mode
  • TrackR uses Bluetooth technology to find items at close range—up to 100 feet away. Use the TrackR app to ring your…

A useful tool in the Bravo is the geofencing feature. This alerts users whenever they have been separated from their valuable items. However, it’s not a default setting, so you’ll need to dig through the app functions to get it up and running.

One caveat about this geofencing is the seven-second delay before the alarm sounds, which is probably about enough time for someone to make off running off into the night with your stuff.

On the flipside, you can hear the TrackR alarm from quite a distance away. This will tell you which way to go, even if you’re running blindly through a park in the darkness.

The TrackR Bravo has a pretty durable battery, which can last about a year. However, it’s best to pre-empt the imminent death of it, by changing out the battery before it’s too late. If you lose your stuff a lot, then maybe you’ll need to change the battery much more frequently.

How To Use TrackR To Find Something

It must be noted that TrackR is most effective at finding wallets, phones, and keys. It’s not so good at finding a memory you erased with whiskey or a believable alibi you might need sometime in the near future.

Here’s how to set TrackR up so that you can avail of the intended function of the program:

  1. Download the TrackR app on your iOS or Android device. After installing the app, open it and tap on “Add a New Device.”
  1. A list of compatible devices will be displayed on the following screen. Locate your TrackR device and select it.
  1. Change the name to something memorable, like “my wallet” or “house keys”
  1. You will be prompted to activate the button on the TrackR device. Press it so you can start the pairing process.
  1. Hold the device close to your smartphone. You will see the Bluetooth light flashing.
  1. Tap ‘Next’ on the phone to pair the device and smartphone.
  1. Wait a moment while the app establishes a connection with the device. After it’s completed, tap ‘Next’.
  1. Once the device has been connected, Trackr will then carry out some tests in order to check that the device is functioning properly.

    The first test is a range check. Place the TrackR device several feet away from the phone, then tap ‘Test Range’. The app will be able to tell you the maximum range before the device disconnects.

Keep in mind that walls or other electronic devices that emit a signal can interfere with this range.

  1. The second test is for audio. Once again, place the TrackR several feet away from the phone, then tap ‘Ring Device’. The TrackR should emit a ringtone, and the app will provide a decibel level.
  1. When both tests are done, the app will give you a “Compatibility Report.” While you might not give much thought to this, it is good to know that the device is working properly. Tap on ‘Done’ to continue.

When you are tracking a missing item, the app will display semi-circle of green dots, which acts as an indicator of how close the device is. The GPS location is shown in the top corner.

Lastly, at the end of the set-up, the TrackR app will prompt you to either sign in or create a new account. Doing this will link TrackR with your individual account, enabling you to avail of the crowd locate service we mentioned earlier.

This is a pretty sweet feature, which most people would jump at.

We can’t really think of a great reason for not wanting the help of other people in finding your valuables when they go missing, but it’s your call.

​TrackR Review: The Final Word


Just like any forward-thinking company, TrackR is constantly innovating. It is always looking for ways to improve its app and software so that users who don’t share such great foresight can find their lost items in a quick and easy way.

In 2016, the company released a great family-sharing feature, that enables devices tagged with a TrackR device to be tracked by other people that you already designated. That’s right, you can have your own private search party to help you track down missing items.

Imagine how painless it will be to find something with the combination of technology and several brains. What a world we live in.

Misplacing your keys or having your wallet go AWOL shouldn’t be a huge drama, and nobody needs to stress out when things do magically disappear.

Sure, TrackR is far from flawless, as it can have issues with the range, as well as problems reconnecting once the range has been lost. But overall, it is definitely a useful addition to your tech tools.

It’s easy to set-up, and even easier to use.

It might not always be able to help you find your way out of every sticky situation you happen to find yourself in, but it could help you save a few bucks on lost valuables over time.

You might need that money for other things down the road, such as a decent lawyer or a plane ticket.

So, that’s our TrackR review. Now you know that you don’t always have to get mad at yourself for being absent-minded.

You can just get TrackR – a great device that offers foresight for people who are forever cursing hindsight.

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