Totally Free Disk Defragmenter That’s Better Than Windows Defrag

We all should know by now the importance of defragmenting your hard drives on a regular basis right?  If not go and do it right now. 🙂  Yes, we all should also know that there is already a built in defragmenter utility already included in all Windows versions.  And we should all know that the free software that is included in Windows is usually OK but the not the best and could be improved on.

A free alternative to Windows Disk Defragmenter

I was browsing around the other day and ran across a free disk defragment tool called myDefrag which claims to be a better solution for defragging hard drives.  So I tried it out and was pleased with the results.  First of all it was faster than the built in option and secondly it can defrag USB sticks, virtual drives, and any other drive that Windows thinks is a ‘drive’.  There is no messy install to mess around with since the installer auto detects if it’s a 32 or 64 bit system.  Just install and run.

To defrag a drive properly it’s important to remove and uninstall all unnecessary files and programs you are no longer in need of or are not using anymore.  I would recommend using CCleaner which is a free utility to remove all the garbage on your system first. Download it here.  Afterwards run myDefrag to get the full benefit.

Download myDefrag here

I hope this solutions helps clean up your system and keeps it running smooth.  Feel free to leave any comments below and if you have other solutions to do this please share with the group.

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