Tips for Cutting Cable TV Costs

The average monthly cable bill in the U.S. is $86 per month. And according to statistics released by NDP Group, cable bills rise an average of 6% per year and have been doing so for the previous four years. In fact, the group predicts that by 2020 the average cable bill will be somewhere around $200 dollars per month. That’s a sizable chunk of change to spend on television.

To add to the cost issue is the fact that cable providers have never warmed to the idea of offering single-channel subscriptions. This would be ideal for most cable TV subscribers, as few end up watching all channels in their package. But since it doesn’t appear that this method will be on the table anytime in the near future, individuals and families must look elsewhere to reduce cable-bill costs. The good news is that there are many practical ways to accomplish this.

Here are just a few ideas:

Search discounts and rebates

The good news regarding cable television is that there are a number of providers all looking for the most customers. It’s for precisely this reason that discounts are abundant among cable providers, so there is always a deal to be had for new subscribers. Not only that, but rebates are more popular than ever. There are few things more enticing to the average consumer than the promise of cold hard cash, and in the cable world these come in the form of rebate cards.

But consumers should take heed and read the fine print, as many rebate offers come with a certain time frame regarding service and may include excess fees for things such as early termination.

Combine services

An individual or family stands to save a great deal on their cable bill if they bundle that service with others that they likely already use in their home. For example, many cable companies also offer high-speed Internet and phone service along with their television packages. Signing up for all three at once will yield major savings on all three of the services.

Evaluate the cable bill

Once the cable package has been purchased, there are still ways to find savings. For example, cable subscribers should evaluate their bill at least once annually. This is due to the fact that fees tend to go up once a year. By taking a close look at their bills, subscribers can calculate a per-hour cost of service. This will tell them whether or not they are truly paying too much for service.

Also, as mentioned above, few subscribers end up watching all the channels in their cable package. To this end, those who subscribe to some of the more premium channels solely to watch one or two of their favorite shows may find that canceling these channels in favor of online streaming or DVD rental is the way to go.

By adhering to these three guidelines, it’s possible for those paying exorbitant cable fees to reign in their costs to the tune of fifty or even a hundred dollars per month.

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