Securing Important Information in the Cloud

Cloud computing is becoming a more popular platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service that an increasing number of divergent businesses are adopting in recent times. According to a global Microsoft study, around 49 percent of small businesses around the world intend to adopt the cloud by 2015. Cloud computing consolidates data and improves communication within the business and with clients on an around-the-clock basis. Cloud computing applications enable more employees to work after-hours or off-site by improving remote access throughout the entire enterprise. Smaller proprietors and larger enterprises are both finding value in moving business management applications into the cloud.

Information Security is Top Priority in the Cloud

According to Cisco, there are multiple security concerns that need to take precedent over any other decisions pertaining to picking the most appropriate cloud provider. Secure data transfer is one of the top concerns of any business using the internet. Managers and owners should confirm that the data moving through the cloud is always encrypted and authenticated according to standard industry protocols. Secure software interfaces should be another concern in ensuring information security. It’s important to verify and understand the security services the cloud provider uses for its own software applications.

It’s also important for businesses to consider how stored data is secured by the cloud provider. User access and control by employees is another factor to consider with the cloud. It’s important for owners and managers to be able to monitor and determine who has access to sensitive information that is stored on the cloud platform. The ability to separate and distinguish data is another important option to have for improving security in the cloud. It’s important for businesses to understand how the cloud provider’s security protocol protects the virtual containers employees and clients will be able to access.

Owners and managers need to consider security risks from third parties, employees and access or backups of information in case of downtime as well. When reviewing the options for transitioning the business operations to the cloud, it’s important for owners and managers to consider the quality of information security that the different services provide.

There are an increasing number of tech and software solution firms that provide services to help all types of businesses transitioning to the cloud. The most important factor to consider when it comes to cloud computing is data and information security protection for the business. An online breach in security based on poor due diligence can cripple just about any type of business that relies heavily on a cloud platform that hosts the management applications. It’s important to prioritize the specific security concerns and risks the business may face by adopting the cloud when reviewing the different providers that are available.

Special thanks to Ginger Nguyen who is a tech blogger fro San Diego, California.  More of her advice about the ever-changing world of technology can be found at Masters of Information Assurance.

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