We are intelligent people. There was no way we would do a big-dollar online transaction without using an escrow website to handle the transaction. So, when we found a car to buy from an out-of-state seller, we insisted on using ABC Escrow. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. That would be my wife and me.

The seller had exactly what we wanted, was willing to deliver it to our house, and let us drive it for a few days. He said we had to use an escrow company to complete the deal. We recommended ABCE. We had not done business with them, but researched them (carefully, we thought), and they looked like a good choice. We were especially impressed with their fees, which were more reasonable than most.

The ABCE company website we saw seemed legitimate. They had all the logos we trust…VeriSign, Better Business Bureau…and the website was https secure. We assumed that using them for our car purchase would assure no problems.

Well, we were fooled big time. We sent them our escrow money by wire transfer, then waited for the car to show up so we could test drive it. The seller sent the car on time and it was just as advertised. We emailed ABC Escrow to release our money to the seller.

A week later, he contacted us. There was no money. There was no answer to his emails. When he checked it out with the Better Business Bureau, they’d never heard of ABC. We had no way of verifying with our bank if ABCE had spent our wire transfer, or anything else for that matter. We went back online and the ABC website was “no longer available.” They had our money and were long gone.

The seller was irate and threatened to report us to the police. He thought we were in on the swindle. I don’t know how, but we finally managed to convince him that we were innocent. Indeed, we were the victims. We returned his car and he agreed not to press charges.

We’d like to tell you how to avoid this. When you’re researching escrow websites, send them an email or call them. If you don’t get an answer, don’t use them. Look at the website closely. They should have a physical address. Look at as many companies as you can and make sure that your chosen escrow website didn’t copy their information from a legitimate company.

We learned our lesson the hard way. Most times, online fraud rests with the seller or buyer. This time, it was a fake escrow company.

After in-depth research, we were determined to use rmctrader.com. We talked to one of their customer service representatives and told them exactly why we were calling…to make sure they were legitimate. We were convinced. rmctrader.com was the only answer.

We found another car on autotrader.com and used rmctrader.com to complete the transaction. The seller got his money, we got our car, and no one got defrauded.

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I am the Team Leader here at BurnWorld. I am an audio/video enthusiast and have been in this industry for over 10 years. I love testing DVD/Blu-Ray and Video software.

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  • Darrell Doty says:

    With millions of pc’s still out there, one would think they would still make versions for Win98SE! Too bad, a huge piece of pie going to waste. It has nothing to do with “APPLE OS”

  • Darrell says:

    So is there any company out there thats going to make a portable dvd,cd-rw burner that they can use with Win98, I challenge you to come up with a solution. just think about the hundred of thousands of dollars you missed out on because you chose not to make something for an old OS. Well we live in a too throw away civilization. We need to stop this kind of mentality and use all our resources to the best ability to serve all mankind. darrell

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