Produkey Reviews: Is This Application Safe To Use?

​ProduKey is an application you will not need very often. It is a utility that displays the product ID and CD-Keys for various Windows applications.

A product ID helps determine what level of support you are entitled.

A product key consists of 25 alphabetically and numerical digits. The product key syncs your program license with your your device.

The programs ProduKey can be used for include Exchange Server, SQL Server and, Microsoft Word.

Exchange Server is a Microsoft product needed to access Microsoft Outlook – a communication and calendar application.

This is basically Microsoft’s version of an advanced email.

SQL Server is a Microsoft software product used for the storing and receiving of data. This is not a program you need to go on. Other programs on your Window’s product may use this internally, but many do not.

Open task manager to see if it is running and determine if any applications are associated with it. If it is not running and no other programs are using it, it is not necessary.

If you have previously installed these applications on your computer and they were somehow removed, this Produkey can be very useful.

Say you were freeing up space on your computer and you accidentally deleted an application. In these situations, it is rare to still have the product key needed to access the application.

Reinstall the application and ProduKey will provide you with the necessary access key.

This utility does not work for programs that have not been previously installed on your computer. This is not a way to access paid applications like Microsoft Word, for free.

If you are expecting to download Microsoft Word and gain access to the full site, you are out of luck. This is for previously purchased and installed applications and CD’s only.

​How Does ProduKey Work?

ProduKey Work

NirSoft’s ProduKey is a utility used to identify product keys for specific Window’s software programs. Open up ProduKey and it will begin searching for the relative software.

Key codes are provided within a matter of seconds – allowing you to access the desired product without having to purchase another one. Just copy and paste the code that ProduKey produces into the designated area within the application you want to recover. Now you will have access.

It is so hard to keeping track of installation CDs. Often times you insert the CD, install the application, use the products’ key – place it in a special place for safe keeping.

However, after time passes, you have no clue where you put it. That special place might as well have been the trash.

We have all been there.

It is very easy to forget where you stash installation CDs. ProduKey is extremely usefully for those annoying situations.

Since most computers have application stores that allow you to buy and download programs directly to the computer, product keys are becoming a thing of the past. But, if you are using an older computer they are still necessary. Produkey is very helpful in this case.

ProduKey works with all versions of Windows. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. However, some of its features are only compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, and Vista 7 and 8.

This program is not available on operating systems other than Windows. If you have a Mac, you will need to download a compatible key finding product

Is ProduKey Safe To Use?

​Since ProduKey can only be found online and is no way associated with Windows – it does pose a risk to your computer.

The risk is considered low, but any risk to your computer opens up the possibility for viruses.

Depending on your anti-virus program, ProduKey may be considered a danger to your computer –consequently blocking its use.



​ProduKey is free to download.

There are no prices associated with the program or any of its features. If you come across a download of the program that requires payment, do not download it!

ProduKey is available on (Download at your own discretion.)

​Public Perception

​The fact that most computers no longer need access codes and this program is not a purchasable product or downloadable app, there are very few customer reviews associated with ProduKey.

Of the ones that do exist, they are pretty positive in nature.

The most common aspects of the reviews we found describe ProduKey as easy to use and effective tool for what it is designed for. It is simple and has only a single use.

Many customers explained that this program has not given them viruses, but do not take that to heart. Just because ProduKey proved to be risk-free for many people does not mean there is no risk when downloading it.

​How It Compares

balancing boxes

There are very few ProduKey competitors. Of those that exist, it matches up quite well. It is the most well known and trusted key finding applications.

A major downside of ProduKey is that it is only compatible with Windows computers.

Jelly Bean Key Finder is a similar utility. This key finder is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

ProduKey, however, is the easier to use of the two.

If you own a Windows computer and are in the need for a key finder – ProduKey is your best option.

​What We Think

​ProduKey is a good program for a very specific use. However, it is outdated given the advancement in computer tech and application downloads.

If you have a new or relatively new Window’s computer, you can now just access the Microsoft Store and purchase or download the application of your choice.

Microsoft Word and Outlook – two windows applications that ProduKey is typically used for, can be found and downloaded directly through your Windows product within a couple of minutes.

This program is really only for people that have older Windows’s computers that require installation CD’s.

For those people, this is an excellent program. For others, it is not necessary or even accessible.

​Final Thoughts

​Final Thoughts

​Now that we have established who could use ProduKey, let us reiterate that it is a program not associated with Windows or Microsoft.

It is an “at your own risk” utility.

Though the risk of corrupting your computer is relatively small, there is still a risk.

Before downloading, you really must decide if the need for ProduKey outweighs any possible damage to your computer.

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