Our Tips On How To Delete All Photos From iPhone

The iPhone is an incredible device that allows users to take pictures and store them.

Yet, storing photos on your iPhone can take up space that could be used to download other applications. Consequently, many users are interested in deleting all the photos on their iPhone.

In this article, we walk you through how to delete your iPhone photos.

After going over some of the most popular methods, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of deleting iPhone photos as well as some tips for how to manage your photos.

Towards the end of the article, we offer our final thoughts on photo management.

deleting all photos from iphone

How To Delete All Photos From Your iPhone

Deleting all your iPhone photos is extremely easy if you follow several basic steps.

The first step is to open the Photos application on your iPhone. Some people rarely use this application because they typically access their photos through the camera application. If you have trouble finding this application, perhaps because your home screen is so cluttered, then one approach is to open Siri by holding down the home button (or side button if you have an iPhone X). You can then use the voice command “Open Photos” in order to launch the Photos application.

Once you’ve opened the Photos application, press the Albums tab at the bottom right of the screen. This will display the photo albums on your phone. Clicking any album will display all the photo’s in that album.

If you want to delete an individual photo, then you simply click on the photo and then select the trash can icon at the bottom right of the screen. The application will then ask you if you want to cancel or continue deleting the photo.

If you have Apple’s iCloud storage service, then the photo will be deleted from your iCloud Photo Library on all your devices.


If you want to delete many photos at once within an album, then you hit Select at the top right corner of the screen after selecting the desired album. This will allow you to select multiple photos at once. If your iPhone runs iOS 10 or later, then you can tap, hold, or slide in order to select many photos in one swipe. This would be ideal if you had many photos that you wanted to delete at once.

What’s tricky about this method is the photos you delete will only be permanently deleted after a period of time, usually about 40 days. Every photo you initially delete will be stored in an album called Recently Deleted. These photos will still take up storage on your phone.

In order to delete these photos, you select the Recently Deleted album and follow the same steps just outlined.

Make Sure You Turn Off Photo Stream

Furthermore, if you’re wondering how to delete all photos from your iPhone, make sure you turn off Photo Stream. You can do this by going to Settings and then Photos. Then, you deselect the option for all new photos to be uploaded to your photo stream.

If you turn off your photo stream in addition to manually deleting the photos from your phone, then your photos shouldn’t take up any storage space.

The advantage of turning off photo stream instead of deleting photos from photo stream is that these photos are still available in iCloud and on other devices with photo stream enabled. Many people want to free up space up their iPhone without losing access to their photos forever.

Maintaining a photo stream on other devices but turning it off on your iPhone is one way of achieving this.

Another Way To Delete All Photos From Your iPhone

There is another way to delete photos from your iPhone, though it requires your computer.

Essentially, all you do is open Photos application and then navigate to Photos on the top left of the side bar. Then, you hit the command button and the A key at the same time to highlight all the photos in your library.

Finally, you hit the command button and delete button at the same time in order to delete all these photos at once.

Like your iPhone, your computer will still save these photos under a Recently Deleted album. You’ll have to navigate to this album on the left side bar in order to delete your photos permanently.

Some Tips For Managing Photos On Your iPhone

Many people that wonder how to delete all photos from their iPhone crave practical tips for how to manage their photo library more generally.

Store The More Important Ones 

First, we recommend only storing the most important photos on your iPhone. We recommend deleting the greater majority of photos that you take so that the library on your phone never gets unmanageable.

Some people never delete their photos, and this can result in many different albums that are difficult to navigate. These people would likely experience a headache if they tried to organize their photos, perhaps if they wanted to create some kind of slideshow presentation.

In this sense, we advise deleting your photos as you take them. This might seem strange at first, but eventually it will become second nature.

Take Advantage Of The Free iCloud Storage

icloud storage

Apple offers all users 5GB of free iCloud Storage. This amounts to about 1000-2000 photos. As long as iCloud is enabled on all your devices, then you will be able to access your photos anywhere with an internet connection, regardless of whether they are stored on your iPhone or not.

Users can either go to icloud.com to access them or use the iCloud mobile application. Alternatively, an iCloud desktop application can even be downloaded for your computer.

Some people don’t like to delete photos as they go because they anticipate using them in the near future. For example, if you recently took a bunch of pictures of your child playing a sport, you might want to show your child these pictures right afterwards. Having to sign in to icloud.com or opening the mobile application might be inconvenient in the moment.

Delete Photos Regularly

For these situations, we recommend setting aside time each week to delete your photos. This will allow you to keep them temporarily should you need to use access them suddenly. This will also force you to consistently manage your albums so that they never get out of control. This will make your life easier down the road should you want to present a slideshow of your photos.

One Last Tip For Extra Assurance

Lastly, we recommend backing up your photos to multiple locations, not just to iCloud. This is especially important for artists who rely on their photos for some project or job. Errors and glitches happen occasionally, so you wouldn’t’ want to rely on a single location to store your precious photos.

We advise people to purchase an external hard drive and to back their photos up to this device. This provides you with a more traditional copy of your photo’s that you can draw on in case of emergency.

Some people like to store some of their files with other online storage services, like Dropbox or Box. This provides extra assurance for some users, making their photos essentially immortal.

The only con with storing your photos in multiple locations is that managing these locations can be confusing or overwhelming.

Luckily, GoodSync offers software that allows you to synchronize your files across multiple platforms. Thus, if your photos are dispersed across 3-4 different online storage services, then the GoodSync software will provide a single interface for you to manage all this data.

Goodsync offers a 30-day free trial that we recommend trying out. However, this trial only allows you to synchronize 100 files. If you want to synchronize an unlimited number of files, then we suggest purchasing a license of this software for $29.95.

Our Final Thoughts On How To Delete All Photos From Your iPhone

deleting photo

We think deleting photos from your iPhone can be achieved in a number of ways.

On the one hand, users can manually select the photos they want to delete by going to the album on their phone. Alternatively, users can open the iPhoto Library on their computer and delete them from here.

Regardless of what method you choose, it’s important to also delete these photos from the Recently Deleted album. If you don’t do this, then the photos will still take up storage on your phone.

Additionally, if you have Photo Stream enabled on your iPhone, then a copy of each deleted photo will still be preserved. You will need to disable this feature if you truly want to free up space on your phone.

We think the best approach to managing photos on your phone is to back them up in multiple locations. Apple’s iCloud service is perhaps the most compatible service, as this automatically backs up your photos the moment they are created. This allows you to delete them instantly after taking them while still preserving a copy in the cloud.

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