GTX 1060 Single Fan System Review: A Graphic Card For Gamers

Gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years.

In fact, gaming is now considered an e-sport that attracts large audiences, intense fandom, and live broadcasting.

Part of being a gamer includes controlling the equipment that you use when playing. This means customizing your monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, and perhaps most importantly, the graphics card in your computer.

In this article, we discuss one of the most popular graphics cards that gamers can purchase, specifically the single fan model of EVGA’s GTX 1060. After giving a brief overview of this product, we discuss its various benefits and drawbacks. Then, after comparing it to some similar products on the market, we offer our final thoughts on whether the GTX 1060 is a worthwhile investment.

An Overview Of The GTX 1060

GTX 1060

The GTX 1060 graphics card can be purchased on Amazon for $269.99. This price applies to the model with a 6GB memory. Customers can purchase a model with 3GB of memory for $$.

These prices also do not include any installation of the graphics card. This costs $$ when purchased through Amazon’s website. This installation package entails a removal of your existing graphics card, the installation of a new one, and a component test and cleanup.  

The GTX 1060 has a base clock rate of 1506 Mhz and a real boost clock rate of 1708 Mhz.

This is considered a small graphics card, as it measures 4.38 inches in length and 6.8 inches in width.

This graphics card supports up to 4 monitors and is powered by NVIDIA Pascal. It also features ACX 2.0 cooling technology.

This graphics card is accompanied by a 3-year warranty as well as 24/7 customer service.

In order to utilize this graphics card, you must have a minimum of a 400W power supply. Also, this graphics card is only compatible with Windows operating systems, specifically Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

The Benefits Of The GTX 1060

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This graphics card is lauded for its advanced cooling technology. The ACX 2.0 technology features optimized Swept fan blades, double ball bearings and a low power motor in order to minimize the loudness of your machine.

Many customers have noted how important it is that your graphics card engender a quiet gaming experience. Some graphics cards feature fans that can drown out the sound effects of the game you are playing, which is almost counterintuitive to the purpose of the graphics card.

You don’t have to worry about this kind of compromised experience when using the GTX 1060. The 3-phase low power motor offers improved efficiency over previous models as well as improved overclocking. It is also made out of silicon steel for improved magnet strength. This results in a more efficient motor, which ultimately enhances your gaming experience.

Many customers have noted that the GTX 1060 would be ideal paired with monitors and games that support 1080P resolution. While this card does support 4K resolution, many customers have noted that it’s real bread and butter is performance rather than aesthetics.

In this sense, this graphics card is also very affordable, likely because it only includes a single fan instead of a multiple-fan system. Many of the best graphics cards available cost well over $500, with some of them even being more than $1000. The GTX 1060 is much cheaper than these cards while still offering decent performance. This is especially the case when playing games on smaller monitors, as differences in graphics will be less apparent in a smaller space.

This graphics card would also be ideal for a beginner, as it offers a humble set of features that won’t overwhelm you. Many beginner gamers are just looking to ramp up the performance of their machine in order to prevent dropped frames and lag, and this card will certainly do just that. It’s not going to break any records, but then again, most beginner gamers don’t need a graphics card that advanced.  

Lastly, the double ball bearings that are featured in the ACX 2.0 fan on this graphics card are notable for offering a 4X longer lifespan that fans that use sleeve bearings.  This is because sleeve bearing fans use an oil that can dry up, making them vulnerable to failure. Due to the reliable ACX 2.0 fan on this graphics card, you never have to worry about that kind of catastrophe. This will appeal to more professional gamers who have much to lose if their graphics card suddenly fails them.

The Family Benefits Of The GTX 1060

Family Union

The GTX 1060 is a very trustworthy product that is ideal for families who often share desktop computers when gaming.

Many children want fast performance when gaming, yet their parents can’t afford to build a custom machine for every member of the household. These families can instead focus their efforts on building one gaming machine that everyone in the house can enjoy. This will allow these families to save money.

The GTX 1060 would be perfect for this kind of usage, as it can withstand extended periods of gaming without showing any signs of compromise. This quality is necessary in a graphics card that will power a computer used often by the entire family. An unreliable graphics card would likely result in occasional glitches or inadequacies. As many of us know, keeping things status-quo in a household of many children is critical for ongoing mental and physical health.

Furthermore, the GTX 1060 is ideal for families because it supports up to 4 monitors. This allows for family members to play multiplayer games using multiple monitors. This will encourage bonding between siblings while also allowing for each player to have his own screen.

Inferior graphics cards only support 1 monitor, making them not ideal for multiplayer games. While this is often done over the internet, playing in the same location is also a popular way to enjoy multiplayer gaming. The GTX 1060 supports this kind of activity, which will keep kids pleasantly occupied for hours.

Several reviewers on Amazon even claim that they consistently game for periods of at least 5 hours and that the GTX 1060 delivers stunning speeds the entire time.

It’s also important to note that adults can benefit from this graphics card as well. There is a huge movement under way that is promoting the benefits of playing videos games regardless of your age.  Not only would adults benefit from playing video games on their own, but video games can also be a social experience that allows adults to connect with younger generations. This would be especially important if you’re having trouble connecting with your child. Playing games with your child by drawing on the power of this graphics card could be an unforgettable experience that brings you closer together.

The Drawbacks Of The GTX 1060

Drawbacks Icon

Despite all the gushing feedback that the GTX 1060 has received from customers, there are some drawbacks that are worth noting.

First, some customers have noted that a recent update on this graphics cards has increased the max fan speed to 3900RPM from 2600RPM. This results in a default fan setting that can be extremely loud and disruptive when gaming.

One way of mitigating this loudness is to download the MSI Afterburner software or EVGA’s Precision XOC software. This software will allow you to control your fan curve and thus reduce the volume of the GTX 1060’s fan.

Yet, this software is certainly not designed for beginner gamers. These kinds of gamers might struggle with changing the settings on their graphics card, which could result in a frustrating user experience.

In general, the GTX 1060 graphics card is not ideal if you are interested in overclocking. Twin fan graphics cards are better at supporting overclocking, as they are better at dissipating heat and thus preventing your system from overheating.

Thus, if you are interested in overclocking your graphics card in order to maximize its performance, then the GTX 1060 would not be the ideal graphics card.

Lastly, some customers have remarked how alienating EVGA’s website is when discussing the specifications of this graphics card. These critics have noted the information is presented in an overwhelming manner that makes it difficult for beginner gamers to understand the connection between graphics cards and their gaming experience.

Thus, while EVGA’s graphics cards might appeal to more advanced gamers, anyone purchasing a graphics card for the first time might get a headache from trying to make sense of the technical jargon. Some customers have expressed the desire for EVGA to simplify their descriptions of the GTX 1060, as this would the product more appealing to newer gamers.

How Does The GTX 1060 Compare To Similar Products?

Weighing Scale

Some customers have noted that the price of the GTX 1060 really isn’t that affordable when you analyze similar products.

For example, customers can buy the GTX 1060 in a SC (super clocked) model or an SSC (super super clocked) model. Both of these models can be purchased on Amazon with 6Gb of memory. The price of the SC model is $279.99 while the price of the SSC model is $$.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING, ACX 2.0 (Single Fan), 6GB GDDR5, DX12…

  • Real Base Clock: 1506 MHz / Real Boost Clock: 1708 MHz; Memory Detail: 6144MB GDDR5
  • EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 – Small Size, Huge Performance.Compatibility of the EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING, 06G-P4-6161-KR,…
  • What you see is what you get! – No additional software required to achieve listed clock speeds

Both of these models are only slightly more expensive than the single fan GTX 1060 that we’ve discussed in this article thus far.

In fact, the SC model is only $10 more, yet it offers an updated cooling system as well as a higher clock rate.  For example, the SC model offers a real base clock rate of 1607 Mhz and a real boost clock rate of 1835 Mhz. The single fan GTX 1060, on the other hand, offers a real base clock rate of 1506 Mhz and a real boost clock rate of 1708 Mhz. While most gamers might not notice this difference, the most sensitive gamers certainly will.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING, ACX 2.0 (Single Fan), 6GB GDDR5, DX12…

  • Real Base Clock: 1607 MegaHertZ/ Real Boost Clock: 1835 MegaHertZ; memory Detail: 6144MB GDDR5. Revolutionary new 360…
  • EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 sc, small size, huge performance. Height: 4. 376 inches 111.15 millimeters; length: 6.8 inches…
  • What you see is what you get, No additional software required to achieve listed Clock speeds

Also, both the SC model and the SSC model feature the ACX 3.0 fan system, which is the most updated cooling technology by EVGA.

Thus, it wouldn’t really make sense to get the single fan GTX 1060 unless you were on such a strict budget that an extra investment of $10-$40 would be a significant burden. Since this is unlikely, we recommend purchasing these versions over the model that we reviewed in this article.

Our Final Thoughts On The GTX 1060

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We think the GTX 1060 will certainly enhance the performance of your computer, which is ideal for GPU-intensive applications like gaming.

We think EVGA makes a number of high-quality graphics cards, and the GTX 1060 is no exception. This graphics card would appeal to families, children, beginner gamers, and more experienced gamers. Basically, it would appeal to anyone who enjoys playing video games on their computer and is tired of the slow, inefficient performance of their current machine.

Our main gripe is that we think customers can get an even better graphics card if they invest less than $50 in another model made by EVGA, like the SC and SSC models we discussed above. These models have newer fan systems as well as higher clock rates, both of which make them superior choices.

We think graphics cards will be popular in the future as the gaming industry continues to thrive on an international level.

Yet, we think the form of graphics cards will certainly change as gaming computers change in the future. We think virtual reality headsets will eventually become the new norm for gaming, as these devices provide an incomparably immersive experience that many gamers will cherish. Thus, whatever graphics cards power these devices will be popular in the future.

In the deeper future, we think gaming computers will be so small that they will be inserted into our bodies. In this sense, future graphics cards might not only enhance our gaming experience but our life experience more generally. We can imagine a future in which the quality of our vision is determined by a graphics card inserted into our eyeballs.

Regardless of how the gaming industry evolves in the future, we think our society is currently experiencing a golden age of technology. Enjoy it while you can because it might not last forever.

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