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RealNetworks, makers of the infamous RealPlayer ** FREE **, universal multimedia player have introduced a new software that can manage your music library.  If you are frustrated over your digital music collection or if it has gotten out of hand, Rinse from RealNetworks could be a saving grace.
Rinse is a new way to easily manage your audio files on your PC or Mac.  I know my music collection is full of duplicate songs mainly because of mis-spellings or differenly named titles and because of this I don’t get album covers to show for these songs.  I mainly use my iPod Touch for my music playback and with their coverflow I hate to come across a song with the default no album cover showing. I know it’s not the end of the world, but when Apple decides to make music playing a Feng Shui experience I like to have an organized music library with correct covers to look at.

Why Rinse is a Good Music Manager
The official explanation of the software from the developers sums what Rinse will do and how it will make your life easier.

We built Rinse to be the easiest and fastest way to organize your songs – add missing album art, fix misspellings, remove duplicates, rename genres and more. Rinse is powered by an intelligent online database which means it can fix songs without making you type in the new information.

Rinse Main Interface

From looking at the main interface you can see how easy this is to understand and use.  The main features include

  • Fix Your Songs
  • Find Duplicates
  • Organize Genres
  • Add Album Art

How Rinse can Fix Your Songs on the Fly

Once your run this project, Rinse will automatically scan your songs and then look all of them up by utilizing an online database of songs and then download the correct details including Artist, Song Title, Album Art, Year, Composer, and other critical info.  Your options are to choose to do each song seperately (to make sure it gets the correct info) or to automatically do your entire if you have 100’s or 1000’s of songs.  Here is a screenshot of this in action:

Automatically Fix Song Details

Use Rinse to Find Your Duplicate Entries

Another frustrating aspect of my music collection are the duplicate songs that I have. Not only while playing in shuffle mode when the same song plays twice in a row (doesn’t happen that often 🙂 but when trying to create playlists and I see the same song repeated, for me it best to get rid of these copies to free up the extra hard drive space and to improve the organization of my lists in general. Rinse has a built in technology that can determine duplicates even if the the tracks have different spellings or track information (how cool is that!). Once Rinse has scanned your library for duplicates you are given a few options on how to proceede. You can either have the files deleted or flagged for a later time if your not sure what to do with them at the moment.

Organize your iTunes Genre Lists with Rinse

Does anyone even use the genre listing in iTunes? I know I don’t simply because it’s rather useless. Since there are 100’s of different genres now your iTunes list can be pretty intimidating. Rinse will automatically combine similar genres to further help you manage your library.

Make Sure All Your Songs Have the Correct Artwork

Like I mentioned previously about the automatic scanning of your music list and downloading of the essential data for each track, you may already have the album artwork or a specific image you want to use for the artwork for specific tracks. With Rinse you can add the album artwork that you want to use.

Rinse is available from RealNetworks on their site where you can download and use this software today. The trial lasts a few days or you can buy a full license for $39.


Here is a quick walkthrough of the Rinse software in action:

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