Cricket Wireless Reviews: A Leading Brand For Service Providers

​Do you need a cell phone, smartphone, or wireless service provider?

No need to think about it – the obvious answer today is an emphatic – yes.

It’s not unusual today for your young children, their great-grandparents, and every age in between to keep in touch via technology provided through these remarkable devices.

Yet not everyone needs the same capabilities, performance, or features from their wireless providers. That’s where the variety of mobile services can become complicated, confusing, and sometimes frustrating.

Finding the best service for your needs and understanding the variety of plans available can be a major part or your challenge in deciding how to spend your hard-earned money for phones and services.

Cricket Wireless is a leading contender among service providers, with plans designed to suit both your budget and technical requirements.

Who Is Cricket Wireless?

cricket wireless reviews

From its humble beginnings in Chattanooga, TN in 1999, Cricket Wireless has progressed from serving relatively small markets and rural areas to offering a wide variety of phones and services backed by the power of parent company AT&T’s nationwide wireless network.

Formerly a subsidiary of Leap Wireless, both Leap Wireless and Cricket Wireless now operate as wholly-owned subsidiaries of AT&T.

Cricket Wireless offers budget-conscious plans for individuals and families incorporating the reliability and coverage that only giants in the industry such as AT&T can provide.

​What Does Cricket Wireless Offer?

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​Cricket fills the wireless needs for customers seeking the most cost-effective, yet reliable service for phone, texting, and data use. Various plans are available to fill the needs of most families and individuals.

​Plans Available

  • Unlimited Max Plan – Need a high-volume, high-speed data plan? This one gives you plenty of capacity at speeds up to 3Mbps for online gaming, SD video or music streaming, voice and text, and internet access. There is no limit to data access at high speeds.
  • Unlimited Plan – No limit to high-speed data access, up to 3Mbps. For online gamers, video and music lovers, and social media users, this plan will suit your needs. Note that video streaming is at 1.5 Mbps, or the equivalent of about 480p.
  • 5GB Plan – For those wireless users who only occasionally stream music or view short video streams, this plan can take care of your day-to-day functions at a great price. Surf the internet, access and post to social media accounts, and utilize unlimited talk and text.
  • 2GB Plan – Save even more if your data needs are low. Still enjoying unlimited text and voice services, you can surf the web, post to social media, view the occasional video, and check your email, while keeping your costs low.
  • Talk & Text – If you have no need for data, opt for this plan, and cut your costs to the minimum.

Benefits of Cricket Wireless plans:

  • Low Cost
  • Great coverage through access to the AT&T network
  • No contract

Cricket’s use of the AT&T network supports data access speeds up to 4G LTE. Unlimited and Unlimited Max plans include unlimited text messaging and talk to Canada and Mexico, and even unlimited international texting.

Coverage areas now include 37 states, with Cricket being ranked as the 5th largest provider of mobile broadband services in the country. Coverage includes over 99% of Americans.

Cricket’s website is easy to navigate and provides complete plan and phone information that is easy to understand and accurate. What you see on the site is exactly what you can expect in the way of service, plans, and phone equipment.

Worth noting – Cricket Wireless reserves the right to reduce data speeds once more than 22GB of data is utilized during any billing cycle. This speed reduction remains in force until the end of the billing cycle. This reduction can be a significant issue for users who frequently have a demand for high-volume data use.

When your speed is reduced, there are no extra charges for additional data use. This may, in reality, be your preference over receiving extra charges on your bill that could add up quickly.



Low cost is where Cricket Wireless services shine. Pricing is offered to fit every budget, with no hidden or add-on charges.

  • Unlimited Max Plan – $60/month
  • Unlimited Plan – $55/month – $100 month with 4 lines on this plan
  • 5GB Plan – $40/month
  • 2GB Plan – $30/month
  • Talk and Text – $25/month

Other plans are available such as family plans, international prepaid phone plans, and group discounts that let you lower your wireless cost when signing up with friends or relatives.

When Cricket Wireless provides prices, you know what you’re going to pay.

Even taxes are included in their plan rates, so there are no hidden costs or surprises. Save another $5/month by signing up for Autopay on individual plans (not available for discounted group plans).

Cricket GSM Sim Card for Cricket Wireless SmartPhones – Carrier…

  • Enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data access with no annual contracts and monthly taxes & fees included
  • Keep your current phone number or get a new one
  • Kit includes 3-in-1 SIM Card used to activate your phone on Cricket Wireless nationwide 4G LTE network

Additional optional services are available from Cricket Wireless, depending on the plan you select. Add-on services include:

  • Cell phone protection plan
  • International calling
  • Mobile hotspot functionality
  • Deezer – Cricket’s music streaming service



Cricket has a broad range of smartphones and basic phones available to customers. Some of the most popular smartphones offered include:

  • Motorola moto e5 Cruise – free with a number transfer/$39.99 with a new number
  • LG Fortune 2 – $19.99/$29.99
  • Alcatel PULSEMIX – free/$9.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime 3 – 49.99/$99.99

Other models are available from such respected manufacturers as LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and more.

Apple iPhones are not to be left out, either, with a multitude of models available:

  • iPhone 7 32GB – $349.99/$549.99
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB – $469.99/$669.99
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – $599.99/$799.99
  • iPhone X 256GB – $949.99/$1149.99

Many other iPhone models are available to fit your needs for features and technology.

Any Drawbacks To Using Cricket Wireless?

When considering the wireless service provider that’s right for you, all sides of the equation should be considered.

Along with the benefits of Cricket Wireless’ low cost plans, as a wise consumer it behooves you to consider any downsides of the company’s services.

To be sure, you can rely on AT&T coverage benefits and the cost-effective plans offered by Cricket Wireless for reliable voice, text, and typical data usage.

The caveat lies in the fact that Cricket throttles back user data speeds.

While this may not be a factor for your standard web browsing, email, and texting functions, those who need high speed for playing mobile games or frequent HD streaming may opt for higher-speed options.

There are other providers such as MetroPCS and Boost Mobile who also offer you low-cost plans without holding back on data rates. It pays to compare Cricket Wireless reviews with those of the competition before making your final decision.

Attributes such as improved coverage and reliability by Cricket may be more important to you than sheer data speed.

Cricket Wireless Reviews From Customers


One of the best sources of information for customer satisfaction with wireless services is to simply fire up your computer or smartphone and see what customers have to say, not only about Cricket Wireless, but about the competition.

Like any information on the internet, consider the source of the information, to weed out those who are simply angry or disgruntled vs. legitimate Cricket Wireless reviews.

Here is a sampling of how customers feel about their Cricket Wireless experience.

  • “Happy with Cricket Wireless. 2 Gig for $30 is all I need. I use very little data when on the road. At home I use Wi-Fi. Have an LG Fortune works well, but the phone is larger size than what I wanted, but needed 16 Gig. This was the best deal. Got the phone for free by switching my number. Have great coverage almost everywhere.”
  • “Love Cricket Wireless. We have had them for over 6 years now and I would never switch to anyone else. We always have service no matter where we travel. We have 4 lines on our plant and we all get unlimited talk text and data and my total bill a month is $100. They always have the newest phones the moment they come out. But customer service when you call the 1-800 number is not the best. But don’t be discouraged if you call the local store near you the customer service is great! It’s a wonderful company.”
  • “Cricket Wireless is perfect for me, in that I spend $50 mo. for unlimited phone and data. Great reception, coverage, plans. I came across this plan after Defense Mobile decided to call it quits. Highly satisfied!”
  • “Cricket is low cost, high value, good coverage. Good phones. Personnel are knowledgeable. Overall a good value which performs as advertised. Can’t ask for more.”

Of course, you can’t please everyone, and not every customer will have the same experience, as noted by these additional customer reviews.

  • “This company is not helpful to their customers at all. I am leaving their service due to their lack of concern for the customer, lousy service, and the fact that they turn your service off at the drop of a dime even when you paid for your service already and try to collect additional fees on top of your bill is ** and I’m done.”
  • “I do like the 4GB for $40.00 and get a $5.00 discount when enrolled in auto pay. But I don’t like that it is necessary to dial the area code before each call even if calling local.”
  • “Every time I call customer service I get someone in India or the Philippines that I can barely understand. The person will repeat everything you say back to you and still doesn’t get it right. They are extremely incompetent. The local store is better. But, on those days when you just don’t have time to go in it would be nice if they could help you on the phone quick and efficiently.”

It’s a simple – and worthwhile – exercise to scan the internet and consumer sites for unsolicited reviews not only by Cricket Wireless customers, but former customers as well.

Read what they have to say about Cricket Wireless price, services, and more, then make an informed decision.

Making Your Choice For Wireless Service

There are many factors to consider when selecting your mobile carrier:

  • Cost – Cricket Wireless is one of several major players in the budget plan market.
  • Coverage – Check the coverage maps of any prospective services, to make sure the areas where you will use your phone most often are included.
  • Speed – If you don’t need high-speed data rates, most budget plans will meet your needs. If your needs include internet gaming and downloading or watching movies online, caps on data speed will be an important part of your decision.
  • Support – Regardless of your service or carrier, there will be times when you need to contact someone for support – either for your phone, your service, billing issues, or just for “how to” questions. Check with your potential provider to understand what level of support you can expect – phone, email, online chat, or walking into a brick and mortar store.
  • Technology – Even if the provider has a great buy on the phone you want and the coverage you need, what are your options for upgrading when technology changes and motivates you to want the latest and greatest phone or tablet? Be sure to understand what your options are for upgrading equipment.
  • Warranties – Speaking of your equipment, is it covered by warranty or optional insurance? If you need to pay up for insurance, at what cost?
  • Flexibility – Are you locked into your plan for a specified period of time, or can you add (or drop) services as your needs change? Are contracts involved, that involve costly termination fees?

Also, can you transfer your existing phone number to the new service?  Most can, but there are exceptions.

Cricket Wireless presents their services as “Friendly, Affordable Wireless.”

From the majority of customer comments and independent Cricket Wireless reviews, it appears their offerings live up to those claims.

This is especially true where high-speed, high-volume data requirements are not a prime consideration for your needs.

Cricket may just be the right solution for your wireless needs based on price, services, and more.

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