Comparing TV, Online Video and Streaming

The notion of sitting in front of your tv for your favorite shows is an act of the past. With online video websites such as YouTube and Hulu and many networks offering live streaming, everyone has the ability to watch their favorite shows, games and movies on their computers and mobile devices in addition to their televisions. So which approch reigns supreme? Let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s of each.

Live TV

Television is the grandfather of entertainment and has the track record to prove it’s success. From the mid 1900’s when television started to air the news and then entertainment shows, television grew into a part of every day life. From live newscasts to primetime drama, watching television has become a social activity that people engage in that provides them with relevant information to communicate with others about.

Live TV offers the perks of being able to view a program at the same run time as everyone else watching. This way, you can talk about the most recent episode of Modern Family with your friends or co-workers the next day.

What happens if you miss your favorite show during it’s air time? If you didn’t DVR it, chances are you’re not going to be able to watch that episode until the network posts it on their own website, which can take up to two week for them to do after the air date of the episode.

For those with little patience and the desire to be up to speed with what’s going on with their favorite fantasy lives, live TV is your best bet. It’s worry free, you don’t have to wait for anything (besides commercials) and you won’t miss a beat.

Streaming Video

Streaming video allows you to watch an episode or game in real-time but with the convenience of watching wherever you have Internet access on your mobile device or computer. Streaming offers many perks, specifically convenience. The ability to watch a program virtually anywhere with Internet access is a spectacular feature to have.

Imagine you’re at your niece’s tap dance recital on a Sunday afternoon during football season. While you should be at the recital supporting and paying attention to this special day in your niece’s life, you really want to be watching what’s happening in your favorite teams game. Having the ability to stream a game live, and putting your device on silent of course, offers the freedom of being able to watch from wherever you are.

The quality of video on the other hand is reason enough to watch a show or game from your TV at home. It’s often that you find when streaming live that the program is spotty and pixelated, which can sometimes be extremely frustrating. Another con is that when streaming a program, you’re watching a slightly delayed picture.

Online Video

Online video has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. With websites like Hulu and YouTube leading the industry, consumers have the ability to watch practically whatever they want whenever they want from their computer or mobile device.

Online video allows you to watch your favorite TV show at your own convenience with fewer commercials and the ability to fast forward, pause or rewind. Fewer commercials is enough of a reason for many viewers to make the switch from TV to online videos.

The convenience of watching a show when you have time is a huge benefit as well since most people live hectic lives and have very little time to plant themselves in front of the TV for one to two hours every night. Additionally, you can watch a series of episodes rather than just a single episode at one time by watching videos online.

Despite where you enjoy watching your favorite programs, each system provides a slew of pros. Whether you’re always busy during weeknights, a homebody who always loves watching your shows in primetime or a sports fan with a hectic schedule, one of these ways of watching your favorite programs will surely fulfill your needs.

Sandra Daiken is a freelance writer focusing on technology and video. She enjoys learning more about tools such as video grabber to broaden her expertise in the industry.

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