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CD/DVD Burning Exposed – DVD Burning eBook – Learn how to Burn the right way


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Chapter Outline:

  • Chapter 1: Optical storage basics
  • Chapter 2: More storage, higher quality—DVD
    is king
  • Chapter 3: Popular CD and DVD Burning software
  • Chapter 4: Burning data to CD or DVD
  • Chapter 5: Burning music to CD or DVD
  • Chapter 6: Burning images to CD or DVD
  • Chapter 7: Burning video to CD or DVD
  • Chapter 8: Transferring your old music LPs and cassettes
    to CD or DVD
  • Chapter 9: Copying CDs and DVDs
  • Chapter 10: The finishing touches – adding
    menus to your disks and creating labels
  • Chapter 11: What’s next for DVD?

Here is an excerpt:

Chapter 2: More storage, higher quality—DVD is king



¨      Should you upgrade your system?

¨      Tutorial: Installing a DVD drive
¨      Things you can do with your new DVD recorder

DVDs, DVDs, and yet more DVDs! Everywhere you go it seems that someone wants you to buy a DVD. Movies that you haven’t seen in a couple of decades are available on DVD, as well as entire series of popular TV shows. You can get music on DVD, reference books with multimedia and educational material – everything from exercise shows to cooking instructions – there’s no doubt about it, DVDs are popular.

Everyone who uses a computer also wants the storage capacity and the ease of use of a DVD, and no matter how thin your wallet, you can join in, with DVD drives now available at giveaway prices.

If you have an older computer, you may be wondering whether you can install a DVD drive in it, or whether it makes sense to upgrade.

Should you upgrade your PC for the full multimedia experience?

You’ve got a digital camera, an MP3 player, and a DVD player, but you want to get a DVD recorder, and be in complete control of all the data you’ve got now, and will generate in the future.

If your computer is less than two years old, it makes sense to upgrade — or does it? You can buy a new multimedia PC for under $1000, so it might be less expensive and time consuming to buy a new system. Not to mention that the components you want to add to your old system may be included with a new one. For example, multi-channel surround sound and three-dimensional positional audio are integrated on motherboards in new multimedia systems, whereas a new sound card with these features costs over $100. Quality surround-sound speakers add another hundred or two, so the money adds up.

An option:WindowsMediaCenter, for a complete entertainment (and data) system

If you’re going the new system route, consider upgrading to a computer with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE). MCE 2005 will run an FM radio tuner, a DVD recorder, video and image applications, and a TV tuner as well. Note: if you want the radio and TV tuners, make sure the cards come with the system.

If you have an older system and you want to install MCE, you can buy the program online. Make sure that yours comes with a legitimate product identification number (PID), so that you can get Microsoft upgrades. However, be aware that when you install MCE on an older system, you may run into unforeseen hardware conflicts.

Just starting with DVD? Then buy the best DVD drive external drive you can afford

If you just want to get into DVD playing and recording, generally speaking if your PC is less than two years old you don’t need to upgrade your system, but you’ll want the fastest drive, with the most options, that’s available.

In this situation, buy an external DVD drive. Plug it into a USB port, and you can start to play and record DVDs.


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