Capture & Record Angry Birds Space to a DVD

Many of you have been asking how to capture or record the screen from your iPod/iPhone/iPad.  I titled this post for the upcoming Angry Birds in Space game but essentially this will work for any iOS game or app.  This is an easy task to accomplish but hard to find the right applications to do so.  What we have found so far to capture the iOS screen is below.

The basic steps to record the video as follows:

  • Install Display Recorder on the iOS. (iPhone 3GS, iPHone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch )
  •  Install iDemo on Mac or PC client
  •  Connect iOS devices to Mac or PC with a data cable
  •  use the Display Recorder and iDemo to transfer iOS video files to Mac or PC.
  • Install screen recording software on your Mac or PC, then use it to record the video files. (ScreenFlow on Mac and Camtasia Studio for Windows/Mac)

Now onto the fun part.  Play your games or start a tutorial using an app.  Then once you have all of your Angry Birds in Space levels 3 starred and recorded ( or whatever video capture you recorded of any iOS app) then you need to convert that video file into a standard DVD format.  For this you would need to use a DVD creator software.  Our recommended choices are:

Whatever software you choose to use for this process just note that it will be an easy process. It’s as simple as loading the videos, then arranging what order you want them in, add a DVD menu screen (if you want), then click the burn button to burn the final DVD.  Once completed you can take that DVD to any player and show off your Angry Birds gameplay to anyone that cares to watch.  Or just keep it for yourself so you can one day reflect on your piggy killing days.

I’m going to come back to this post in the future once Angry Birds in Space comes out (March 22) to actually show how I captured the screen and made my own Angry Birds DVD.  ( I’ll bring it to the next family reunion so all can enjoy. )

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