Mac Blu-Ray Software Reviews – OSX & Mountain Lion

This page will feature all of the new Blu Ray Software that is released for the mac.

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Blu Ray and Mac just go together don’t they? Well to take advantage of having a Blu-Ray Drive on your Macbook, Powerbook, Air, or G5 you need the best software to go along with it. We have been steadily testing the latest Blu-Ray applications for the Mac and list the easiest and best offerings to date here.

Steve Jobs has already stated that Apple will not support Blu-Ray. By this it sounds like that they will not be including Blu Ray drives in their hardware lineup. This does not mean that Blu Ray will not be supported at all in OSX. In fact you can still hook up a Firewire or USB 2.0 BD Burner to get your 1080p fix on Mac hardware. Once this is in place though you will more than likely want to take advantage of this drive and to do that you will need the right software to make it work. Listed below is the current Mac supported Blu-Ray software that we have reviewed so far..

Best Rated Mac Blu-Ray Software Apps in 2013

DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy for Mac

The first full fledged Blu-Ray copying and burning software for Mac users. DVDFab by far makes the most reliable software for OSX that allows you to copy, rip, and convert Blu-Ray and DVD video.

If you need to work with Blu-Ray on your Mac then you need DVDFab.

Roxio Toast 11 Titanium

Roxio Toast is probably the best Blu Ray Software currently available for the Mac. Roxio has been updating Toast since the late 90’s and they are committed to staying up to date with their software including Blu Ray.

AVCHD Converter for Mac

Aiseesoft AVCHD Converter for Mac, advanced Mac AVCHD Converter for Mac users, which will convert AVCHD video to your portable players, or edit your AVCHD video professionally on your Mac.

Besides converting AVCHD (.mts, .m2ts), Aiseesoft AVCHD Converter for Mac also helps you to convert other HD video or General video to your devices with a fast conversion speed and excellent quality.

Leawo Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac

Leawo Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac is a professional level Blu-Ray disc Ripper, Converter and backup utility. Made with Mac users in mind to allow the backup of Blu-Ray & DVD movies and other standard DVDs to your hard disc for playback using iTunes or to rip and convert to portable formats such avchd or mp4.

One of the 1st to hit the Blu Ray ripper club for Mac and one of the best Blu Ray apps so far.

DVDFab Blu-Ray Player for Mac

There are only a handful of software vendors that are daring enough to make a Blu-Ray player for the Mac.  DVDFab has done a good job with their Media Player which supports both Windows and Mac.  Thus you can now playback HD discs with your BD drive if you have one installed on your Mac.

More Software Will Be Added To This Page As They Are Announced

The main reason you would rip a Blu Ray disc is to get the Video/Audio content onto your hard drive so you can do what you want with it because you can’t work with content on a physical blu ray disc. Traditional copying from the mounted drive won’t work because most Blu Ray discs have a copy prevention layer added to the disc. Blu Ray Rippers are also know to have a converter built in, so once the disc is ripped you can then convert it to a more useable format such as MP4 the standard video file for Apple devices like the iPod, iPad, iPhone.