Best Cloud-Based Data Backup Services

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The cloud has taken the computer landscape by storm. As more and more people discover the virtues of cloud computing – syncing, wireless updates, etc. – the more it looks poised to be the default method of data backup in the future. That’s because, in the world of computers, cloud also offers the most secure way to store information. With this method of data backup there is no risk of an external hard drive crashing or being lost. It also renders the notion of data loss via accidental deletion moot – which should come as a relief to many non-tech savvy folks.

Yes, more and more people are turning to online data security because it works. With that in mind, here are the top-rated cloud data back-up services currently on the market, all ranked from least to most expensive.

ZipCloud — $4.95 per month

ZipCloud offers a lot of bang for the buck. Users can access data anytime and from anywhere – including a desktop computer or mobile device. ZipCloud also allows users to sync their data files across multiple platforms and share these files with others as well.

I’m currently using ZipCloud as my provider currently. I appreciate the unlimited space available and it’s easy to access my files from anywhere on any device I have with me.

Try ZipCloud for free.

Crashplan – free-$1.50 per month

Crashplan offers a basic data back-up plan for free and then more comprehensive plans starting at $1.50. One of Crashplan’s key features is that it allows for backup to other locations besides a single online server. This redundancy ensures total data prevention no matter the circumstances. Also, there are no file-size restrictions with Crashplan.

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Backblaze — $3.99 per month

Those who opt for Backblaze can expect unlimited backups as well as the option for data recovery via online server, external hard drive or USB. Everything on the computer is protected with Backblaze, with the exception of the OS, applications and temp files. Another positive is that Backblaze operates in a constant state of data backup, so users don’t have to worry about scheduling times.

Try Backblaze

LiveDrive — $6 Month (personal), $12 Month (business)

LiveDrive is a big name in data protection, as well they should be. As for their cloud plan, they offer two distinct services: data backup for business and data backup for personal use. One of the biggest selling points of LiveDrive is that the data backup is automatic, so users don’t have to perform any manual actions. LiveDrive is also configured for mobile, meaning users can access their accounts via smartphone or tablet.

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Mozy — $5.95 per month (personal), $17.50 per month (business)

Mozy provides data backup across the board, from personal computing to small businesses to the largest of corporations. They guarantee data safety via their top-tier encryption system, and they also have mobile apps for Apple and Android. Those who sign up with Mozy are also granted access to Mozy Stash, which provides personal storage.

Try Mozy

These are just a few of the cloud-based data backup services currently on offer. Each one of these options has earned a reputation for reliability and quality. And with the different price ranges for packages, users interested in cloud for business or personal use should find an option here that meets their expectations.

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  • P L Hartley says:

    If everyone uses the “Cloud” (what a misnomer – it’s actually multiple world-wide servers, on the ground !) for storing data – surely that makes the “Cloud” hosts the most likely targets for Hackers to attack and gain data ? In other words, it simply transfers the problem from millions of PCs to a handful of Servers.
    Would I ever (100%) Trust the “Cloud” ? Not on this Earth.

    • Rob Boirun says:

      Good point PL, however there are advantages of utilizing the cloud. I personally don’t use it for sensitive info, but for ease of transferring my content around and for sharing files it’s really much easier.

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