AVI Player: Our Top 10 Brands Revealed

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The Audio Video Interleave (AVI) file format is one of the most popular container formats for storing audio and video data. It was introduced by Microsoft in 1992. AVI files are typically less compressed than other formats like MOV and MPEG. This results in relatively large file sizes.

It might be difficult to open some AVI files because they can be encoded with audio and video codecs. Thus, there are many AVI players on the market that use specific software and technology in order to seamlessly open and play your file.

In this article, we discuss the 10 best AVI players currently on the market, primarily emphasizing the free options that are available. Within each section, we discuss in detail why the player we chose is one of the best.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We analyzed a combination of usability and feature set when selecting the 10 AVI players below. Furthermore, we performed extensive research on each player, drawing on a number of sources to make our judgment. ‘

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The 10 AVI players you see below represent the cream of the crop, though there are relative differences in quality that we have highlighted using a 5-star rating system.

10 Best AVI Players on the Market

Windows Media Player – Best AVI Player

Windows Media Player

Image via Windows Media Player website

Windows Media Player is one of the best AVI Players on the market because it’s so easily accessible. Windows Media Player is included with Windows 10, Window 8.1, and Windows 7 operating systems. Furthermore, it can be downloaded online for free.

While Windows Media Player is supposed to play most AVI files by default, there might be some AVI files that give it trouble. This might require you to download separate codecs. If you want to avoid that hassle, then continue reading on, for many of the remaining players we discuss on this list will play virtually any AVI file without a problem.

5K Player – Best AVI Player

5K Player

Image via 5K Player website

The 5K Player is one of the best AVI Players on the web because it has over 450 built in video codecs and over 180 built in audio codecs. This makes it a very versatile player that is capable of handling most mainstream codecs for AVI, including Xvid, DivX, and Indeo.

In addition, it can handle many other standard files as a video music player, such as MP4, WMV, MOV, as well as many high definition formats, like HD, 4K, and AVCHD. Most people rely on this AVI player to play AVI files that Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player can’t handle.

The 5K player is also unique because it incorporates DLNA wireless streaming technology. This allows it to be a DNLA controller, which ultimately means that you can beam music and videos from your Android phone to a computer or television.

Elmedia Player – Best AVI Player

Elmedia Player

Image via Softonic website

 The Elmedia Player supports playback for FLV, SWF, XAP, RM, RV, MOV, MP4, WMV, and of course AVI file formats. This is a very customizable media player that is also slightly limited. Many people use it as an alternative to iTunes, as it has a similar look and feel to that program. In fact, you can even create, manage, and delete playlists in this program, including creating smart playlists according to special criteria that you determine.

While the Elmedia player can be downloaded for free, there is also a more advanced version that can be downloaded here. This version allows full-screen mode when watching videos and also allows you to download videos and animations from the internet. Furthermore, this advanced version allows you to take screenshots of your favorite video moments.

The Elmedia Player is only available for Mac operating systems. The is one of its main drawbacks in addition to being quite heavy on your CPU. Some users have reported experiencing slower speeds when trying to use other applications simultaneously with the Elmedia Player.

VLC Media Player – Best AVI Player

VLC Media Player

Image via VideoLan website

Many experts in the electronics industry consider the VLC Media Player to be one of the most powerful AVI players available. This has resulted in a strong user base in recent years, especially due to its compatibility with many different operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The main drawback of this AVI player is that it does not support all AVI files. If you want to maximize what files it supports, then you can try downloading the VLC codec pack, which has Xvid, DivX, and MJPED codecs to name a few. This codec pack should help you play virtually any AVI file smoothly and at an exceptional resolution.

DivX – Best AVI Player


Image via DivX website

The DivX player is one of the most well-known AVI players on this list. It’s compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems. Many people download this AVI player because it includes the Trick Play feature. This lets you quickly navigate to your favorite scenes in a video, as there is support for chapter points.

This would be ideal for anyone who likes to skip around when watching a video and wants to do this as efficiently as possible. For example, many users who write reviews of films will definitely appreciate this feature. Many users have claimed that the DivX Player’s media library offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to keep your media organized.

This includes content you purchased from DivX as well as any other content your imported from your computer. It’s also worth noting that this AVI player offers support for many different types of audio, including other languages as well as the various commentaries that can be included with some videos. The DivX Player makes it easy to access these other soundtracks when playing your video.

Many inferior AVI players will force you to restart the video or will result in some other inefficiency when changing the audio mid-playback. You don’t have to worry about this with the DivX player.

SMPlayer – Best AVI Player


Image via SMPlayer website

This AVI player is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. It’s unique because it remembers many of your video settings even after you exit the player. This includes remembering where you left off in the video as well as remembering your subtitle settings. Furthermore, users have significant control over the nature of the subtitles.

This will appeal to anyone that watches many foreign films. With the SM player, you can choose the font, size, and color of the subtitles. This player has built-in codecs, allowing it to play virtually all video and audio formats. This means that you shouldn’t have to download any external codecs when using this AVI player.

This AVi player uses the MPlayer as its playback engine. This is considered one of the best players in the world, though its historically hard to use. SMPlayer provides access to the most useful functions of the MPlayer within a very intuitive interface.

KM Player – Best AVI Player

KM Player

Image via KM Player website

The KM Player is available for Mac or Windows operating systems. This AVI player is capable of handling most files using its self-contained codec, though advanced users can also download external codecs. What makes this AVI Player unique is that there is also an application available for smart phones.

This would be ideal for anyone who likes to stream media on the go, like travelers and commuters. This player is free and is highly customizable. It supports over 24 languages worldwide and also provides lots of options for controlling subtitles, menu options, and the brightness/contrast of the content.

Furthermore, the KM Player is unique because it allows you to record the content that you are playing. This would be ideal for anyone who analyzes media often. For example, many creators on YouTube create videos that include clips from films. This screen capture feature on the KM Player would appeal to these kinds of creators, as it will make the process of sourcing clips much easier.

PotPlayer – Best AVI Player


Image via PotPlayer website

PotPlayer is unique because it supports multiple types of 3D glasses with various 3D output formats. This would appeal to someone who has a 3DTV or 3D-capable monitor. Most AVI Players can’t support the 3D format, making them limited when it comes to this advanced technology.

It’s very likely that 3D technology represents the future of entertainment. Thus, many users that anticipate this trend will want to learn the interface of an AVI Player that supports it, like the PotPlayer. It doesn’t make sense to become accustomed to an AVI player that might become obsolete in the near-future.

This is the case when using other AVI players that don’t support the 3D format. With PotPlayer, you can be assured that its technology will stay relevant well into the future. This AVI player also supports a range of codecs, meaning you won’t have to download them externally. Perhaps the only drawback of this player is that it’s not available for Mac operating systems.

Plex Player – Best AVI Player

Plex Player

Image via Plex website

The Plex Player is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems for free. This player has a feature called Plex Live TV which supports channels from any major US or Canadian network. This will appeal to anyone who has recently cut the cord and gotten rid of their Cable TV subscription.

The Plex Player can display just about anything, and this includes slideshows and even weather forecasts. Furthermore, the Plex DVR feature on this player allows you to record your favorite shows, movies, and sports. However, one drawback of this feature is that there is a high learning curve involved in mastering the interface.

You might have to spend a while reading through the help guide to ensure that you are fully maximizing all of the features that this AVI player offers. Other customers have noted that controlling the player can be frustrating due to its intended use on bigger monitors. You can only control the player via the keyboard or Mac remote (if used on Mac OS), which could be annoying for some users.

GOM Player – Best AVI Player

GOM Player

Image via GOMlab website

The GOM Player is a free AVI player that offers many subtitle controls, like the ability to adjust the placement, size, and sync settings of your subtitles. Like many of the best AVI players, the GOM Player offers comprehensive file support and can play AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV and many more formats. This is a highly customizable AVI player. Users can download new skins and logos in order to personalize their player.

Additionally, using the GOM remote application, users can control the GOM player using a mobile phone. Unlike some inferior players that only allow you to control basic settings using a mobile phone, the GOM Remote application allows you to play and stop videos, adjust the volume, dim your screen, adjust subtitle settings, and even execute searches.

This AVI Player also offers support for 360-degree virtual reality videos. It also provides search and play functions for these kinds of videos that are offered on YouTube.

Our Final Thoughts on AVI Players

We think there is an overwhelming number of AVI players that customers can choose from. The 10 that we selected here represent the best AVI players currently available. All of the AVI Players we selected can handle many different types of file formats, not only AVI. Many of the best players will not require the download of external codecs but, instead, have many codecs built-in to the player.

Browsing movies on ipad

Image via ​Pexels

We think third-party AVI players will continue to be popular in the future, especially as more users decide to get rid of Cable TV. This means that more people will be streaming content to their television and devices than ever before. A reliable media player that can handle many different file formats will thus be desired by these customers who are venturing out into the cable-free landscape for the first time.

Since many of these cable-cutters will be brand new to the realm of streaming, a media player with a very intuitive interface will be desired. When selecting the AVI Players on this list, we tried to emphasize the usability of the player, as we think this is a crucial distinction. We also noted the few players that have historically difficult interfaces, like the Plex player.

Regardless of what AVI Player you choose, we think the world is currently experiencing a golden age of content. Enjoy it while you can, for it might not last forever.

Featured image by rawpixel.com via Pexels.

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