Avast SecureLine VPN Review: Should You Really Use It?

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​With the many cyberattacks on business and home computers, combined with incidents of malware, ransomware, and viruses, it’s no surprise you may question the security of your online communications and business transactions.

Mobile workforces that utilize unsecure Wi-Fi access at local restaurants and hotels exacerbate the situation even further, creating vulnerabilities for businesses and individuals.

It’s a simple process for unethical and criminal elements to capture traffic on a public network, containing personal information such as username, passwords, and account numbers.

Hacking and identity theft crimes are growing in both occurrence and impact, and the results can be devastating to your business or personal finances.

The solution – using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

VPN services protect your information from prying “eyes” who may utilize your data for identity theft, for extracting funds from your bank accounts, or even for stealing corporate secrets.

Read on to find out more about VPN – what it is, how it works, its benefits, and whether or not this is something your company should use. We’re also giving you an Avast SecureLine VPN review including a breakdown of the basics.

What Is A VPN?

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A VPN is a network connection from your computer or personal device to a remote VPN server, secured by VPN software on your computer.

VPN software creates a secure “IP Tunnel” that makes your computer appear as a direct connection to the VPN server, just as though you’re connected over a direct dedicated network – including secure encryption.

Making this connection to a geographically remote server is why the network is referred to as “virtual.”

VPN users can access the network from anywhere in the world, from any device, regardless of the type of internet connection. This provides flexibility and security for subscribers to the VPN service provider.

By utilizing a VPN service with the associated software, a secure connection is totally encrypted from the computer’s network card to the VPN server. All data exchange is private, even if the physical connection is not (such as when using Wi-Fi in public places).

In simple terms, a VPN can be described as plugging your computer or other device into a secure network server, which is actually in a different location (even in a different country).  

How Does A VPN Work?

When you subscribe to a VPN service, or your employer signs you up for VPN service, you will install the provider’s software on your computer, mobile device, or other system (such as a gaming system).

Your account login to the service includes establishing a virtual IP address and an encrypted connection to the server.

There is no actual physical connection to the server – this is a software-enabled connection with encryption preventing any other user on the local network from intercepting and capturing any data transmitted over the VPN connection.

As a subscriber to the VPN service, you have your own unique software “key” to the service, often referred to as a “token.”

Once connected to the internet over the VPN, your activity is anonymous to the sites you access, since the IP information is generated from your VPN provider, not your actual physical IP address.

Websites cannot track your identity or log your address information, nor can anyone else who utilizes the same VPN service.

Advantages Of A VPN

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Privacy and security are the leading advantages of using a VPN, but there are many additional benefits.

  • High-quality encryption and IP anonymity: Anyone attempting to capture your data or surfing habits will quickly become frustrated – you’re secure and “invisible” to cyberthieves and attempts at corporate espionage.
  • Safe online banking and other financial activities: Accounts and passwords are undetectable when connected via VPN. If you share files with friends, family, or business relationships, content is safely exchanged over your virtual network.
  • Access to websites or video streams that may be censored or blocked in some countries can be freely donethrough your VPN, since your true origin is unknown to websites.
  • Surfing and other internet activity is untraceable, including sites accessed and any downloads that may be done while browsing websites.
  • Immunity to attacks: Hackers prey on businesses and individuals through capturing IP addresses and monitoring activity. With VPN services, you are immune to such attacks, since you are both encrypted and anonymous.
  • Video streaming and live broadcast access: Often, sporting events or new media content are blocked in some countries or regions. With VPN access, the site you’re accessing cannot determine your true physical location, bypassing blocking efforts.
  • Multiple geographic server locations: Some VPN services enable you to appear as though you’re in a different country.

While many users of web services continue to access financial functions and leave personal information on potentially vulnerable sites, many have begun to realize the benefits and security provided by VPN services.

​Avast SecureLine VPN Review: Breaking It Down

SecureLine VPN from Avast is a leading VPN service, providing all the features and advantages listed above, and more. Avast was founded in the Czech Republic in 1988, launching the SecureLine VPN offering in 2014.

Privacy And Security

SecureLine VPN alters the true IP address of users, making your computer appear to be in a different place than your geographic location, with an IP address that is untraceable.

Untraceable means just what you think – no one can intercept your activity or data, protecting you from hackers and even from businesses who may capture your site activity and use it without your permission.

User data is encrypted – both incoming and outgoing – providing maximum security and confidence in the safety of your data.

Avast has the technical security experience you need and an extensive database of malware and virus vulnerabilities, to keep you safe from hackers and cyberattacks.

Avast provides individual and business customers with absolute security and privacy, with a multitude of advantages:

  • Anonymity – no one can detect and monitor your online activity – not governments, employers, advertisers, your ISP, and certainly not hackers. Avast hides all online activity, and does not keep internal logs of your actions.
  • Access any site securely, whether at an airport, hotel, or coffee shop.
  • Defeat content blocking by hiding your actual location or IP address.
  • Speed is important. Avast has high-powered servers in multiple countries to allow fast access anywhere in the world.
  • Financial-grade encryption of your data. Your data is secured even over unsecured networks. SecureLine incorporates AES 256-bit encryption, and Open SSL and certificate authentication.

Storage And Compatibility

Avast SecureLine is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. It is even Apple-approved for best performance and compatibility.

Enjoy total freedom for your internet actions, with no restrictions based on your geographic location. With servers in 54 different locations in 34 countries, you can avoid blocking that is based on country of origin.

SecureLine VPN stores technical information such as connection/disconnection times, connection duration, and bandwidth usage, which could be needed to trouble-shoot and diagnose issues. No activity such as websites visited, IP addresses accessed, or data transferred is logged.


Avast SecureLine pricing depends on your platform (PC, Mac, Android, iOS) and the number of devices you want to include:

  • $79.99/year for a mix of up to five devices
  • $59.99/year for a single PC or Mac
  • $19.99/year for a single Android or iOS device (phone or tablet/iPad)

Breaking the annual cost down to a monthly expense, this seems a small price to pay for the privacy and security provided by SecureLine VPN.

Technical And Customer Support

Support is critical when you encounter problems with connectivity or need to know how to resolve a problem quickly. Avast support includes forums, how-to instructions online, and support for Avast products installed on your devices.

SecureLine offers customers several advantages for your VPN use:

  • High-speed connectivity
  • High level of financial/military grade encryption
  • Use of Torrenting
  • Ease of use – easy to install and use

Here’s Avast SecureLine VPN reviews that we got from customers who have tried their service:

  • “I mainly decided to use this VPN because it comes from a company that I already knew from its excellent computer security software. I started using the VPN and it’s simple and friendly. It’s quite useful when I want to surf safely on the network, only when I start it sometimes it takes a while to open the program but it doesn’t slow down the internet.

In particular I like the service, one of the features that I liked the most is that I can use one license on several devices of the same type at the same time. I sincerely recommend it as well as the antivirus of the same company.”

  • “I think it’s a great VPN, I mean, the simplicity of the interface, the configuration and all the necessary. I’m not seeking an ultra-anonymous VPN, just some security on my web surfing.

When I configure the VPN to automatically connect to WiFi, sometimes it does not get online and just crashes. This has happened 4 times so far. Besides that, I’m satisfied.”

Pros And Cons

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  • ​Speed – download and internet response ranks high

  • ​Security – encryption is first rate, and kill switch feature protects your information in the event communication is lost

  • ​Phone support available 24×7 – phone access is critical when you can’t obtain network connections


  • ​Cannot be installed on a router (this may not be a show-stopper for most users, but it would be a good feature to have, so that a home network could utilize the VPN from the router, as opposed to each device requiring the installation and login)

  • ​Does not work with Netflix (currently – possibly in the future, but at least for now, Netflix blocks this VPN)

  • ​AdWare found – one professional reviewer located a potential AdWare object within the SecureLine files. Perhaps they’ve resolved this issue now, but it’s something to think about.

Factors To Consider When Comparing VPNs

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When searching for the VPN service that is right for you, there several factors to consider:

  • Price – VPN service prices can vary widely, depending on features and security levels

Services vary in price, from “free” to monthly prices that range from about $3 to $10 per month. Annual rates are available as well, which tend to save you a little money. Free alternatives may not be your best solution. Service and support are not likely to life up to your needs.

  • Connection speed – depending on your internet activity, you may need more bandwidth than other users. Sharing files or doing large downloads frequently will necessitate picking a VPN with the speeds that will keep your online sessions efficient.
  • Locations – if you may want to skirt around geographic blocking, the locations of your VPN provider’s servers will be important. For regular use, you will likely want access through a server that is closer to you, to maximize network performance.
  • Level of security and encryption – your best security comes from data that is encrypted both sending and receiving, with your IP information hidden from all parties.
  • Security of personal information – some VPN services even keep your personal information private, providing anonymous payment methods so that your identity remains hidden – even to them.

Before signing up with any VPN service, interrogate their written policy on logging of your activity. Beware if they cannot provide an official written policy.

Some VPN services track user actions and sell aggregate data to advertisers or other businesses. Even if you’re not identified, the fact that they’re logging such data should raise a red flag for potential customers.

Utilizing a VPN is the only way to truly remain secure and anonymous when browsing the internet.

Should You Use A VPN Service?

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​There are many good reasons for businesses and individuals to leverage VPN services for internet activity.

  • Accessing streaming content from outside the US, such as Netflix, Pandora, or other content. These services are under copyright agreements to prevent some content from being presented in other countries.
  • File sharing that may be blocked by copyright or other regulations. By being undetected from your IP address, your privacy and freedom from surveillance are assured.
  • Accessing public networks such as Wi-Fi or hotel connections without risk of vulnerability or snooping on your activity or personal information.
  • Skirting around censorship that exists in some countries, without detection.
  • Avoiding logging of web activity, including any record of searches conducted through popular search engines as Google and Bing.
  • Access to local sites and programs when traveling. Stream your local news or sporting events while in other countries, as though you were on the local network.
  • You deserve your privacy. What you do on the internet is no one else’s business, and you would prefer not to be tracked and logged by search engines, websites, or your own ISP.

Businesses also incorporate the use of VPN services to prevent data loss and avoid industrial espionage. This also protects business computers from cyberattacks and theft of employee information.

Demand for VPN services is growing steadily, with more individuals and businesses facing concerns of identity theft, malware, ransomware, data breaches, and the many vulnerabilities of public Wi-Fi networks.

This only emphasizes the importance of selecting and using the VPN service that best suits your needs in the very near future for privacy, security, and convenience.

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